Release Notes: October 31, 2011

The enhancements are as follows:

Minor bug fixes and enhancements (innCenter)

  • Lists: Added "No of Items Per Page" control and the “No of records" in Account List, Account Picker and Room Picker screens
  • Room Picker: Added the ability to select more than one room in Room Picker in Room Maintenance Detail and [Unit Owner] Account Details pages using check boxes, instead of radio buttons
  • Reservation Charge Routing:All reservations now inherit charge routing settings from associated account
    • Charge Routing settings can be seen from the ‘Folio Options’ link within the folio tab of the respective entity (i.e. Reservation or Account)
    • The following type of accounts’ Charge Routing settings will flow into a Reservation: Group, Corporate/Member Account and Unit Owner
    • As is presently the case, the Charge Routing will be applied automatically at the time of creating a reservation, or upon departure and manually by selecting the items in the Guest Folio and clicking ‘Apply Routing’
    • User may manually exclude folio items from the Charge Routing logic, by clicking on the ‘ Do Not Route’ check box within the Item Details
  • Rate and Rule by Source: Added ‘Associate Sources’ button to rates and rules pages in ‘Apply To’ section to allow the selection of one or more sources on which the respective item (i.e. Rate or Rule) will be available (Similar functionality already exists within Document Templates)
  • Required Fields: Added a client level option to “Make Contact Fields Required:” (Admin > Client Info > Client Details > Options Tab)
    • Selecting one or more of the account types will require the address fields in the respective Account Details screen
    • The following Account Types are available: Corporate/Member Accounts, Unit Owners, Guest Profile, Travel Agent, Groups
    • By default, the option is selected for all Account Types
  • Require Email option: Added property level option “ Require Email For Reservations” (Setup > Property > Property Details > Options Tab)
    • Checking it will make the email address field to be mandatory
    • Next to the email address textbox, there is a checkbox “ No Email”; checking it will allow the reservation to be saved without the email address
    • If the property level setting is not checked (i.e. False), then the “No Email” checkbox is not shown

  • Include Room Moves: Added a new property level option “Include Room Moves on Arrival/Departure List”
    • This option is shown in the “Predefined Queries” page
    • Arrivals and departures lists will show the room move reservations also in the search results
  • Station IDs: Station ID in room class details page now allows alphanumeric characters
  • Reservation Lists: Advanced search is available on all reservation lists, including Groups, Corporate/Member Accounts, Unit Owners and Travel Agents
    • This enables user to act on reservations from within these Accounts
    • Bulk actions are also now contextual based on the reservations selected (e.g. ‘Check-In’ will only be an option if all reservations selected allow check-ins)
    • Selecting one or more ‘GroupBlocked’ reservations from a Group and selecting the ‘Delete’ action will remove these from the Group Block.
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    Payment Processing Enhancements

  • Require CVV option: Added new Merchant Account Details option – “Required CVV for all Card Not Present Transactions” (CNP)
    • This is enabled only when CNP is selected in transaction types
    • If set, then all CNP transactions require CVV to be entered
    • This option does not affect the booking engine, which is considered Ecommerce and always requires CVV (if payment processing is integrated)
  • Payment Info: In the Folio tab, removed “Same as Res” and “Same as Acc” checkboxes and replaced them with standard refresh and eraser buttons
  • Payment Option: Added ‘Set as Main Payment Method’ option: A new checkbox was added to “Payment Information” and “Billing Information” screens labeled “ Set as Main Payment Method”
    • If checked, the current payment info will be set within the Billing Information section of the corresponding Reservation or Account
    • The functionality exists on the Payment and Billing Information popups and can be triggered either when a new payment method is being added, or afterward, just by selecting the checkbox and clicking ‘OK’ to exit the screen

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    Distribution / GDS Enhancements

    General Interface Enhancements

  • Communication: A new feature is added to send emails when a GDS reservation is modified or cancelled in GDS. The Modify/Cancel action is specified in the email subject.
  • Reservations: For all GDS reservations “User Created” is now updated with the specific GDS userID that is available for each client (i.e. innRoad###)
  • Integration: The “Comments” received from the booking agent for GDS reservations are now stored in Notes section within the reservation. Often OTA confirmation numbers will be stored here.
  • Merchant Program Enhancements

  • Reservations: Reservations associated with the various Merchant Programs (i.e. Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity and Hotwire) will be streamlined to better enforce the workflows typically associated with these programs
  • Billing: The changes will manifest in the automatic creation of an additional folio within the reservation, resulting in the following behavior:
    • Merchant reservations will now be associated with the appropriate Corporate Account (e.g. Expedia), instead of creating a Travel Agent Account as they are not commissionable
    • Room Charges will be automatically routed to the folio associated with the Corporate Account (e.g. Expedia)
    • If provided, the virtual card will be associated with the Corporate Account folio, which will leave the billing information blank on the Guest Info tab of the reservation requiring a credit card to be presented by the guest for incidentals
This feature requires your Implementation Manager to configure your account accordingly, please contact Client Services at to learn more about merchant program participation

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    Booking Engine Enhancements

    Guest Profile

  • A new Property Level Option: “ Create Guest Profile for Online Bookings” was added, so that if checked reservations from the booking engine would create a guest profile (Setup > Property > Property Details > Options Tab)
  • Create Guest Profile for Online Bookings: The option by default is set to unchecked (i.e. False) so that this feature is not enabled unless administrators choose to do so
  • Create Guest Profile for Online Bookings: When this option is left unchecked, users can still create a Guest Profile at any time, [though typically at check-in] by checking the “ Create Guest Profile” check box on the Guest Info tab of the Reservation Details.
  • Enhanced Content Management

  • Dynamic Room Class descriptions: Added the ability to create multiple content sections for Room Class descriptions (including Policy descriptions)
  • Dynamic Room Class descriptions: Multiple sections can be useful to provide internal staff additional details or better merchandise Room Classes online, as follows:
    • Selections can be made to show/hide the content on the booking engine
    • When shown, content can appear in-line with the text or as hyperlinks, which launch a popup to view the content
    • Ability to manage sort order and popup window size (if applicable)
  • Policies: Ability to flag content as “ Include with Policy” so that policy content can be formatted and shown wherever policy information is displayed, including:
    • Review page on online booking engine
    • Guest Registration Form
    • Document Templates
  • Future Functionality: Similar functionality will eventually be enabled for Property Details and Rate Details