Release Notes: February 20, 2011

The enhancements are as follows:

Performance Enhancements

As part of an ongoing project to improve the performance of innCenter we have made performance improvements to three areas of the system, making it more reliable and responsive, as follows:

  • Inventory Subsystem (rates and availability queries will run faster for most customers)
  • Accounts and Groups (will open and save faster)
  • Night Audit (will open faster)

Look for continued improvement over the coming weeks as we deploy additional hardware and continue to make performance improvements, which will mainly focus on the Inventory and Folio Subsystems.

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Minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Night Audit: Several additional control mechanisms have been put in place, including:
    • If a period is locked system will not allow adding folio items in that period
    • The user cannot create reservations from tape chart or quote screens
    • From room assignment page the user cannot change the date to the locked period
    • System will not allow adding cancellation/no-show fee in those locked periods.
  • Early/Late Arrival and Departure Notes:
    • Added three note types (System Items) – Late Arrival, Early Arrival and Late Departure.
    • The user selects one of these note type manually at the time of creating reservations and these note types will appear in the housekeeping status screen/report and the tasks list/report.
    • When “Late Arrival” or “Early Arrival” is selected, the “Due:” date will be populated with the Arrival Date and the “Action Required:” will be checked automatically.
    • When “Late Departure” is selected, the “Due:” date will be populated with the departure date and the “Action Required:” will be checked automatically.
  • Reservation List: Added several additional fields to the Advanced Search filter, including: Room Class, Room, Rate Plan, Promo Code, Client Type, Country, State and Account.
  • Daily Flash and Management Transfer Report: Added the period date and period lock status in the report heading.
  • Folio Payment Info: Selecting some accounts as a payment method in “Payment Info” section in the folio tab was throwing an OOPS error. The bug has been fixed.
  • Room Maintenance: Notes added in room maintenance items were not showing up in the housekeeping status report. The issue has been fixed.
  • PDF Support: innCenter now supports Acrobat reader X.
  • Detailed Reservation List Report: added several new fields, including: Client Type, Promo Code, ADR and Sub-Source.
  • Rate List: Added ‘Promo Code’ to rate filter
  • Reservation Details: Added 'Source' and 'Sub-Source' fields to 'Marketing Info' section (Read Only)
  • Groups: we now default the Group Block filter to ‘Rack Rate’ like all other screens, not ‘Best Available’ [rate]
  • Require Deposit Options for Online Bookings: Added additional options for calculating deposits on reservations taken from the booking engine, including:
    • [ x ] % of Room Charges or Total Charges
    • Fixed [ y ] Amount
    • First [ n ] Night's Room Charges
  • Rate Details:
    • Modifying prorated rate amounts were not getting saved. The issue has been fixed.
    • When adding a new [conditional] rate with a Promo Code, the first save wrongly omitted the Promo Code, requiring to resave the Promo Code a second time. The issue has been fixed.

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Rate Override

  • A new feature is added to allow manual override of the rates provided by the system. We renamed “Adhoc” rate plan to “Manual Override”.
  • A special entitlement is required to see the “Manual Override” as an option in the rate plans.
  • This feature is available in Tape Chart, Rate Quote, Groups and room assignment page.
  • Selecting this option will enable the textbox next to it for entering the rate amount. This amount is used to create the room charges when creating the reservation.

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Move Folio Items

  • A new feature is added to move folio items from one reservation to another. However payments cannot be moved between reservations and only can be moved between folios in the same reservation.
  • “Move” button in the folio tab is enabled for this functionality. Clicking on it will open move folio items screen.
  • Within the 'Select Target Folio' dropdown, now the "Select a Reservation" option appears launching a search window to locate and select other reservations
  • Upon selection, the folios from the selected reservation will show up in the Target Folio dropdown, allowing for folio items to be moved between reservations.
  • An eraser will appear next to the reservation picker to remove a reservation which is already selected. Clicking on it will remove the selected reservation folios from the Target Folio dropdown and rollback all the previous moves done in the Move Folio Items screen.
  • Clicking on Save/Done will commit the folio changes and all the moves will be saved.
  • The folio items which have been moved will show a transaction within the Item Details indicating the originating Reservation.

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New Client Type Report (Net Sales Report)

  • A new option is added to the Net Sales Report, called “Client Type”.
  • This feature will become more useful if you have a set of client types defined in the system.  A support request is needed for this.
  • Clicking on Client Type tab will show a similar filter to that of “Net Sales” tab, with the following additions: “Client Type” dropdown and “Group By Client Type” checkbox.
  • If the 'Group by Client Type' checkbox is selected the data displayed in the hierarchical grid format where as unchecking will show flat grid.
  • Clicking on a hyperlink under description column will launch the Reservations List > Advanced Search filter and displays the results based on the selected criteria.
  • Along with print button there is a provision to download the underlying report data in the form of a CSV.

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