Release Notes: December 15, 2009

The enhancements are as follows:

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Guest Registration Form: Changed “Payee” to “Payer”.
  • User List: If you try to list "ALL" user IDs, you get the following error "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types". The issue has been fixed.
  • List Management: “Access Level” and “POS Access” will no longer appear in list management screens.
  • Role Details: The use cases for delete user and delete client have been removed from the system.
  • Rate Details: When creating “Based on” rates, the amounts were not calculated properly in some cases. The issue has been fixed.
  • Property Options: The property options have been rearranged to bring few items from other sections into “Operations”.
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  • Telephone Numbers: The Area code and the Phone number trunk fields are now merged into one. Additional considerations are as follows:
    • Auto-Tabbing: for consistency, we have removed auto tabbing. You must now explicitly press the ‘tab’ key to move into the next field.
    • Masking: There is a new client level option “Auto Mask Phone #”, which will mask the phone number after the user tabs out of the field. Typically, phone numbers are masked either as (###) ###-#### or (###) ####-#### (if 8 digits are provided).
    • Special Characters: entering phone numbers with your own special characters will suppress masking from occurring. Allowable special characters are ( ) -
    • Validation: Most countries are set to require that a minimum and maximum number of digits are required per the E.123 recommendation from the ITU. We have done our best to follow the standards as defined, however, there are exceptions. If you come across a situation where we are too restrictive, please let us know and we can easily modify the validation parameters to allow less or more digits.
  • Default Country: The default country selected for addresses on reservations and accounts will be that of the property, if one is already in context, otherwise it will be that of the Client.
  • Display Country in Address: The Country is now included in the address field in Guest Registration Form, if the guest’s address is in a country which is different than that of the property.
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Custom Document Templates

  • Confirmation Message: custom document templates can now be associated with “innCenter” as the source and “Confirmation Message” as the Function and upon clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Done’ in a new reservation, the template will be used to present the user with a Confirmation Message which can be used as a script to read to customers. The confirmation message will be displayed as a popup, prior to saving the reservation and will offer three options to the user:
    • Email: Commits the reservation to the database and launches a screen to send an email confirmation
    • Confirm: Commits the reservation to the database and returns to the Reservation List
    • Cancel: Returns to the Reservation Details screen to continue editing the reservation (does not commit the reservation)
  • Customized Guest Registration Form and Guest Statement:
    • Custom Templates: A document template can associated with “Guest Registration Form” and “Guest Statement” functions which allows the system to use the custom template in place of the predefined forms. (note, they must be set as default to be utilized by the system)
    • Predefined Versions: If no default document is set, then the predefined version of the respective form will be used.
  • Custom Templates available on Reservations List: Now all Custom Confirmation Letter templates are available from the list of reports presented when the print icon is selected on the Reservations List page (Reservations > Reservations).
  • Confirmation Attachments from Booking Engine: A property level option is to be set to select the attachment to be included along with the confirmation email sent by Booking Engine. Possible choices are:
    • Option not enabled (does not send an attachment)
    • Guest Registration Form
    • Guest Statement
    • Any other custom document templates associated with “Confirmation Letter” as the function
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Booking Engine Enhancements

  • Packages: Retail and Package items both are appearing in package tab. The bug has been fixed.
  • Enhance your Stay: The Package and Retail tabs have been removed and added as separate sections on the same page instead.