Release Notes: November 2, 2009

The enhancements are as follows:

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

  • Card Present Transactions with PrismPay:  PrismPay was not recognizing Card Present transactions and declining it due to lack of CVV code. The issue has been fixed.
  • Tape Chart: Occupancy Numbers not matching with room forecast and flash report in case there are Out Of Order rooms. The issue has been fixed.
  • Check-In error: There was an error while checking in few reservations which has folio with “Same as Res” checked. The issue has been fixed.
  • GDS reservation: If the “Assign Rooms” property level option is unchecked and no rooms exists, GDS reservations will be accepted and booked against notional inventory.
  • Room Class Mapping with innLink: There was a possibility of innLink reservations sent to different room class, if the same room class exists in different properties (though IDs are different, name can be same). The issue has been fixed.
  • ItemID crossover: In few occasions, we faced problems with folio items not been reported in the reports and vice versa. The issue has been fixed by changing the data type from int to GUID.
  • Rate Details: When the Pro Rate Interval is set to “Yes”, it was changing to “No” for Conditional Rates. The issue has been fixed.
  • Tax Exempt Issue: When you create a reservation and associate a reservation with an account which is ‘Tax exempt’- the taxes show up on the folio. The issue has been fixed.

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Group Pickup in Booking Engine

  • Group Pickup: A new link – “Group Reservations” - is provided in Search Control to allow users to enter group account number. Search by group account number will show roomclasses from all the room blocks. Selecting a room block radio button will pickup the reservation from the group block.
  • If the “Enforce Deposit Requirement” checkbox is checked, then the payment method is mandatory. If unchecked no payment method is shown.
  • If "Copy to Pickup Reservation" options are selected in the Group Details, then Mailing and Billing information sections are pre-populated with the group details and only email address is required. ReserveOne and ReserveTwo pages will show group information in this case.

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Booking Engine Enhancements

  • Search Message: “Search here ….” Message is now simplified with “Search here for availability”.
  • Group Reservations: A new link for group reservations is provided for group pickup. The link is shown/hidden based on configuration settings. The rate is shown against each room block.
  • Existing Reservations link: “Existing Reservations” link is moved from persistent navigation to Search Control box.
  • Accomodations Page title: Accommodations page title is changed to “Reservations”.
  • Property / Accommodations tab: Now the default tab can be set to either property or accommodations.
  • Package / Retail tab: If there are no packages, then the retail tab is shown. If both are not there, then the step is skipped (which is already the case).
  • Search Filter: After searching for availability, the search filter will change to read only with the data shown as text. Clicking on Reset will take to the booking engine home page.
  • Start Over button: The hyperlink to “Reservations” in the page title has been removed. To go back to the home page click on “Reset” button in search results pages. In ReserveOne and ReserveTwo pages, we provided a new button “Start Over” which takes back to home page.

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Globalization (Both innCenter and Booking Engine)

  • Default Country: Default Country in reservation (innCenter and Booking Engine) are prefilled with the country from property or client (if property is not set).
  • United Kingdom: If United Kingdom is selected, then the “State” label will be changed to “County” and is required field. The counties are separated as follows:
    • —England—
    • —Scotland—
    • —Wales—