Release Notes: August 11, 2011

The enhancements are as follows:

Interface Enhancements

  • Keyless Entry: Activating a key lock interface allowselectronickeys tobe cut from innRoad.
  • Distribution: All GDS sources (Worldspan, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Pegasus ADS) have been wrapped into a single source, “GDS." Individual reservations will still display the source channel, but blacking out all GDS channels is now easier.

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innCenter Enhancements

  • Guest Name Search: First and last name are now unique searchable fields. Clicking combine willmaintain the existing functionalitytosearch in both fields simultaneously.
  • Cancellation Notes: A new property preference can be set to require cancellation notes so users must record a reason for cancellation.
  • Net Sales Report: Selecting“User Booked”will show reservations and revenue by User ID.
  • Move Rooms: Group Blocked reservations can now be moved via Parking lots.
  • Basic Search: "All Rooms" has been added to the drop-down when searching and sorting by room number.

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Optimizations & Bug Fixes

  • Inventory Overview: Inventory Overview now loads in less than a second for most properties.
  • Duplicated Folio Charges: Folio Charges were recalculating when extending a reservation with previously posted transactions even after pressing 'Cancel' on the “Change Related Rooms” dialogue, effectively doubling daily room charges. This is now resolved.
  • Account Details: Accessing reservations list from an account loads significantly faster.
  • Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fees are now always assigned to the room on the folio, in Accounts, owner items as opposed to showing as “No Room” on the Net Sales Report.

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