This section is where you can manage users existing in innCenter.

Add New User

1. Click the "Admin" button

2. Click "Users"

3. Click  at the bottom of the screen, or the "Login ID" you want to edit 

4. Enter all items marked in red

  • You may want to consider: Login ID - first initial and last name
  • Password - Employee I.D.

5. Click "Associate Roles" and the "Role Picker" window will appear

6. Select the appropriate entitlement for the new user in the ‘Role Picker ‘ window by moving Roles from the ‘Available Roles’ box to the ‘New Roles’ box. A User can be associated to one or more Roles. For example, a front desk agent may also need to have the role of a night auditor, but you may not want your entire front desk staff entitled with the night auditor role.

  • You can select a role by clicking on the position in the "Available Roles List" and then clicking
  • Click on  to move all Roles to the "new Roles" box.
  • Press [ctrl] and  to select multiple positions on the list
  • Similarly, to deselect the Roles for the User and move Roles back to the ‘Available Roles’ box, click on

7. Click to exit the "Role Picker" window.

8. Click "Associate Properties"and the ‘Property Picker’ window will appear

9. Select the appropriate properties for the new user in the ‘Property Picker’ window by moving Properties from the ‘Available Properties’ box to the ‘Added Properties’ box. A User can be entitled to one or more Properties.

10. In the dropdown box next to ‘Default’ select the property that the User most often works with in innCenter. Throughout innCenter, this default property’s information will be displayed first.

11. Click "Done" or “Save” at the bottom of the screen to save and exit “User Details."

Deactivate User

1. First, click on the user that you want to de-activate  

2. On the top right, you will see a field that says "Status: Active"

3. Click on the dropdown menu and change this to either "inactive" or "obsolete."