Useful Icons
In many screens there are buttons that are layed out next to fields or in sections to which they provide access to specific functionality related to that area.  These buttons are designed as one of the following icons and are deployed consistently throughout the application.


Some fields allow you to select from previously saved or defined values.  Clicking on the 'elipses' button raises either a search screen or list of values.  The selected value will be used to populate the field.



Fields which require dates offer a 'Calendar' icon which raises a popup allowing the user to select the date and populate the field.



Clicking on the “Eraser”   icon removes the data and allows you to create or select new data.  For example, on the guest info screen you can “erase” an account so that it is no longer linked. 



The “Refresh” icon refreshes the screen with any new information in the related record. That is, if clicked next to a guest profile the reservation will be refreshed from the latest information in the profile.



Clicking on the printer icon in the upper right corner allows you to print the information on the screen or other reports related to what you are viewing.   To print you will need to have the latest Adobe Acrobat program installed on your computer. 


Hide / Display

Some screens will have a “hide / display” arrow that can be used to hide or display the page headings, filter details, or access to specific sections of the screen.