Travel Agent Items

Setting up Travel Agent Accounts:

The Travel Agent Account module gives you the ability to track and record travel agent commissions, generated by each new reservation. In order for the travel agent commissions to be accurately tabulated, the check-in and checkout action have to be completed for the transactions to be recorded.

Setting up the Travel Agent Ledger Account:

  • Setup
  • Ledger Accounts
  • Click on New Account (New fields will open at the bottom of the page)
  • Name – enter Item name Travel Agent Commission
  • Enter description (same as the item name)
  • Type – Select Travel Agent Commission
  • Save

Setting up Travel Items
The Travel Agent Items module gives you the ability to setup and manage Travel Agent revenue and expense calculation rules. After the completion of this setup, the system will automatically calculate the commission percentage assigned to the Travel Agents. It also gives you the ability to generate Travel Agent commission statements reflecting the percentage amounts. To initiate this setup, click on;

  • Travel Agent Items
  • Click on New Item
  • Enter Item Name, example; Travel Agent Commission @ 10%
  • Display name and description
  • Enter value and check the percent box
  • Check Commission radio button
  • Category (select “Travel Agent Commission” from the drop-down screen)
  • Group Individual Items (Optional) if you would like to group items according to categories
  • Click on the Associate tab – Ledger Account Picker window will open
  • Select the relevant Ledger Account – in this case it would be “Room Charges” and “Room Discount”
  • Save or Done

Setting up Travel Agent Accounts: (Master)
The Travel Agent Account allows you to manage Travel Agent accounts and to record all commissions associated with each Agent. For bookings received through the Global Distribution System (GDS), innCenter automatically creates a Travel Agent Account and associate all qualified bookings to the respective Travel Agent. Also, all bookings received after the initial account creation, are directly attributed to their respective accounts. To do this manually, you would click on;

  • Accounts
  • Account Type (Select Travel Agent)
  • Click New Account
  • Enter all mandatory fields indicated in red:
  • Check Use Mailing Information box, if mailing Information is the same as Billing Information
  • Click on Done

Linking a Reservation to a Travel Agent Account
By linking the reservation to the Travel Agent Account, will ensure that the respective Travel Agent receives all necessary commissions associated with the booking. All bookings received through the GDS will be automatically associated to the relevant Travel Agent. In that case, this step will not be necessary. You can link a reservation doing the following:

  • Click on the Guest Info tab
  • Scroll down to the Travel Agent field
  • Click on the Agent Picker icon
  • Agent Picker window opens
  • Search for the respective TA account by entering Name, Account # or use the alphabet to narrow the search results.
  • Click on Go (the individual TA account will appear or a list of TA accounts, if the alpha search is used)
  • Check the radio button next to the correct account
  • Select OK if you would like to copy the TA account data to the reservation or Cancel if you would like to keep the guest profile data instead.
  • Click on Done