All Taxes and service charges can be configured in this section.  Each tax is then associated with the applicable ledger accounts, so before you begin setting up taxes, ensure your ledger accounts are all entered.  Note: changing taxes does not back date to reservation charges.  If you set up a 10% tax and then make 100 reservations, then change the tax to 9%, only reservations made after the change will update

  1. Select a property - All taxes need to be set up per property
  2. Click New Item to create a new tax or click the existing tax name to edit the details.
  3. Enter an Item Name - This how the tax or charge will be displayed in the list on Setup / Taxes.  Your Guests will see this information.  
  4. Enter a display name - This is how the tax or charge will display on the folio.
  5. Enter a description - This will be viewable by front desk staff if they need to explain the charge to a guest
  6. Enter a value - This is positive number either a percent or a flat rate
    1. If the tax is 8.6%, enter 8.6 and click percent.  Do not enter the a percentage as 00.086.
    2. If the amount is a flat amount, enter the full amount 1.50 or 3.
  7. If this tax is not considered when a guest is tax exempt, click this box
  8. Click the Category drop down and assign a category.  
    1. The Category is the ledger account where the tax will be accounted for.  It is best to have these accounts configured before setting up taxes
  9. Click Associate
    1. Clicking associate will bring up a Ledger Account Picker.
    2. Use the picker arrows to assign ledger accounts to the tax. 
  10. Click Save or done will save your changes

Merchant Services

Merchant Service is only necessary for innRoad client services.  Move along, nothing to see here.