Tape Chart Overview (Reservation Grid)

One of the most powerful features of innRoad is the Tape Chart.  With the ability to view 11 or 30 days at a time and across one or all of your properties, the Tape Chart is where small and medium sized hotels like to see a snapshot of their business, as well as, search for availability and move around reservations.

The screen has two modes:

Availability Search

The default mode for the Tape Chart is Availability Search.  When in this mode, users can click on any cell in the grid and either open another screen with more information about that cell, or initiate a new reservation by clicking on an empty cell.

The main sections of the screen:

  • Search Filter
  • Inventory (Properties/Room Classes)
  • Nightly Rate
  • Availability Rules
  • Unassigned Rooms
  • Operational Statistics
  • Legend

Search Filter

By providing the required serch criteria and clicking on 'Search', users can see all of the available inventory be highlighted and the rates updated per the criteria provided.  After the search results are returned, users can further filter the search results by hiding all rooms which are not available or do not meet the search criteria.

Inventory (Properties/Room Classes)

All of the rooms are grouped into Room Classes which, in turn, are grouped into Properties.  Each property can be collapsed by clicking on the  icon.  Initially 11 days are presented, including the day prior to the current date, however, a 30 day view is available by selecting between the two toggle buttons .  Clicking on either the Property Name or Room Class launches the Property or Room Class details page, respectively.

Nightly Rate

The appropriate rate is calculated in real time and overlayed for each Room Class, for each day in the grid.  The rates quoted change depending on the rates which are available for the criteria searched.  Clicking on the quoted rate launches the Rate Details in a popup.

Availability Rules

Any applicable Availability Rules are indicated below each Room Class to which they are applicable, in pink on the dates on which they are in effect.  Possible Rules types are as follows: Minimum Stay, No Check In and No Check Out.  Minimum Stay rules will also include a numerical value to indicate the number of nights required.  Also, multiple rules can be in effect on the same day and in the case of conflicting rules, the more restrictive scenario is enforced.  For instance, if both a 3 night minimum and 4 night minimum are in effect on the same date for the same Room Class, then the 4 night minimum will be enforced.  The Rules can be hidden by using the toggle buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

Unassigned Rooms

Reservations which have been sold, but do not have a room assigned are tallied under each Room Class, if applicable in the row labeled "Unassigned".

Operational Statistics

The number of Rooms Available and Occupancy % are available for each property and again across all properties at the bottom of the screen.  The statistics can be hidden by using the toggle buttons in the top right corner of the screen.


Each Reservation Status is indicated by a different color/border combination.  Additionally, Groups are indicated by different shade of blue.  The Legend can be hidden by using the toggle buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

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Move Rooms

Once in Room Move mode, the behavior on the screen changes to allow users to move around one or more rooms from their current location into any other available room, then have all moved commited at once.

Parking Lot

Parking Lots allow users to clear space on the grid and hold reservations until they are placed into new rooms.  Select "--New--" from the Parkin Lot dropdown to create a Parking Lot upon initially arriving at this screen.  Additional Parking Lots can be created to facilitate multiple scenarios simultaneously and the user can exit the screen and return to select a preexisting Parking Lot and continue the move process.

Move Room

Selecting the radio button  next to a reservation in the Parking Lot enables the Reservation for a new room Assignment. Once selected, click on any coordinate in the grid to place the reservation, so long as the date selected is the same as the start date of the reservation.

Restore Room

Once a room is placed in the Parking Lot, but prior to being placed into a new room, it can be restored to its original location by clicking on the restore button .

Rollback Move

Once a new room assignment is made, it remains in the grid in a "Pending Move" status, as indicated in red.  By clicking on the Rollback button , the pending room assignment is aborted and the reservation is returned to the Parking Lot.

Commit Parking Lot

In order to Commit all the room assignments pending in a Parking Lot, every reservation in the Parking Lot needs to have a new room assignment.

Cancel Parking Lot

Clicking on Cancel, will rollback all moves.  However, users can exit the screen and return without Cancelling, allowing them to perform other functions in between completing a series of room moves.

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