September 24, 2013

The release includes the following enhancements:

Individual property access for users in innCenter

You can now associate a specific property (or set of properties) to a user (new or existing) for any property. Only users with the necessary permissions can associate or remove properties to (or from) other users. In addition, users with permissions now have the ability to set a default property to another user.

To do any of these actions above, please follow these directions:

1) Admin → Users

2) Select User you want to associate with a property

3) On the Details tab: Create User (as is normally done). Under Entitlements, find the new option named Properties. To the left of Properties, there is a Default dropdown box that will allow you to choose the Property to associate to the User.

4) Continue by clicking on Associate Properties. The property picker will pop up. Select the properties you will associate with this User.

5) Click Done or alternatively, Save, at the bottom of the screen.

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Changes in innCenter

Users will now see the following changes once a default Property is selected. Where users used to see Select in the Property dropdown box, the Default Property will now be displayed in its place.

Below is a list of where you can expect to see these changes to the Property dropdown box:

Inventory Menu

  • Seasons
  • Rules
  • Rates

Setup Menu

  • Room Classes
  • Taxes
  • Merchant Services
  • Document Templates

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