Room Classes

Room Classes are types of rooms that are differentiated by price, amenity, bedding type, capacity or a combination thereof.  Room classes are the defining characteristic of a reservation in innRoad and are an essential component to making reservations. Examples of room classes:

  1. Ocean View Queen
  2. City View King
  3. Presidential Suite
  4. Standard - Handicap accessible

To make a new room class, click New Room Class at the bottom of the Screen.  To edit an existing room class, click the blue room class Name.  

  1. Enter a Room Class Name - This is how the room class will display in the list, on the Guest statement, and on you booking engine.  Your guests will see this information.  
  2. Enter a room class abbreviation - This is how the room will appear on your tape chart.  Guests will not see this information
  3. Enter a description - This is a comprehensive description of your room.  it will appear on your website.  Your reservations can click to read it to guests over the phone.  It should be positive and good marketing.  
  4. Adding a policy will be an addenda to the property policy if this room class is booked. Only add a policy if the room class has a different policy requirement.
  5. Pictures will be viewable on your website, and must be a .jpeg or .jpg file.  The recommended size is 300x300 pixels. 
    1. Add a picture by clicking edit.  
    2. You will be able to browse for the image on your local machine
    3. Click Upload to send the picture
    4. Click keep it to retain the picture.
  6. Click save to save your changes

Once a room class Details are entered, click the grey Rooms tab to enter the Room information

  1. Enter the max adults - this is the maximum number of adults the room can hold
  2. Enter the Max Persons - This is the minimum number of adults plus the maximum number of children
  3. Enter the Quantity - This is the number of rooms in the class
    1. It is easy to add rooms to a class, but difficult to remove them.  Be sure when entering the number of rooms for the class that the quantity is correct!
  4. Press tab after entering the quantity and the number of rooms you specified will appear for editing
  5. Assign a room number/name - The number/name is usually a unique number like 101, but could be a name like "Roosevelt suite"
  6. Assign a station ID - The Station ID is usually a phone extension if call accounting or a PBX is interfaced. It is not required
  7. Enter a sort order - Sort order defines the sequence of rooms on the tape chart, reports, and automatic assignments
  8. Click Publish to save and update changes on the booking engine.