Room Class

Q. How do I add new rooms?

To add new rooms, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Setup
  2. Click “Room Classes
  3. Select the “Room Class” or click “New Room Class
  4. Scroll to the bottom to ‘Room Attributes’ and enter the new “Quantity
    *Note: Quantity must be higher than before
  5. Click anywhere on the screen to update the room quantity.
  6. Under ‘Room Number/Name’, enter the new room number or room name
  7. Click “Save
  8. Scroll back to the bottom of the screen to “Room Attributes” and enter “Station ID” and “Sort Order
  9. Click ‘Done

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Q. How do I delete rooms?

Removing rooms can have adverse affects if not planned properly and requires innRoadsupport personnel to facilitate.  Please contact Client Services at 866-504-0632 or email us at

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