This section is where you determine what functionality each user will be able to access within innCenter


1. Click the “Admin” button

2. Click “Roles”

3. Click “New Role” at the bottom of the screen or click the Role name you want to edit.

4. Enter a Role Name that describes its function: Admin, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Management, etc.

5. Enter a role description that lists the type of clearances (optional).For example: only task list, maintenance, and HSKPing, view only Res, no chkin / chkout

6. Click the check boxes to allow the Role to access the part of the system.

7. There's four to five options for each system section

  • ‘View’ - allows role to see options
  • ‘Add’ - allows the role to create new instances
  • ‘Update’ - allows the role to append and change existing instances
  • ‘Delete’ - allows the role to expunge records
  • ‘Reports’ - allows the role to access the reporting for the section

For example,Room Classes

  • Checking ‘View’ allow the User to see the link and access ‘Setup / Room Classes’
  • Checking ‘Add’ will allow the User to build a new room class
  • Checking ‘Update’ will allow the user to Edit and change existing room classes
  • Checking ‘Delete’ will allow the User to eradicate existing room classes

8. The ‘Special Functions’ at the bottom of the screen allow for access to particulars not addressed in the entity list

9. Clicking “Save” or “Done” will save your changes.