Reservation Search


The main ‘Reservations’ screen is used primarily to search for existing reservations.  New reservations can also be created using this screen.  Once the target reservation(s) are located, you can either open the details of that reservation, or perform some bulk actions directly from this screen.

There are three different search filters available, as follows:

Additionally, some actions can be performed directly from this screen, as follows:

  • Access Reservation Details
  • Bulk Actions
  • Create a New Reservation

To learn more about performing these actions, see below in the Reservation Actions section.

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Basic Search

To search for reservations, guests, quote, etc, click the ‘Reservations’ button to open the Reservations Menu.  Clicking the button opens the following screen:


There are a few different ways to search. The window opens to the Basic Search screen from which you can search by any of the fields listed, or use more than one field simultaneously to narrow your results.  Use the advanced searches when looking for more complicated items.

From the Basic Search window:

  • Guest Name:  Search by first or last name to see list of all reservations and quotations.
  • Property:  Selecting one particular property will narrow the list of results down to the property level.  Searching by Room is also available once a Property has been selected.
  • Account Name: Enter the name of an account (i.e. Group or Corporate Account) to search for reservations associated with that account.
  • Reservation #:  Searching by reservation number will open a particular reservation.  You can also search for Cancellation Numbers and External Reservation Numbers using this field.
  • Credit Card:  Find reservations based on the last 4 digits of the the guest’s credit card number, when used within a reservation as a guarantee method or payment method.
  • Account #:  Enter the account number assocated with a Group or Corporate Account to search for reservations associated with the account.

When you are finished entering in your information, just click “Go” to view reservations.

Clicking one of the letters in the alphabetical list will limit your results to reservations with guests or contacts with first or last names beginning with that letter.

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Advanced Search

To search by additional filters, click on the 'Advanced Search' link at the top of the search filter area, which will open the following screen:


This screen offers several additional filters not available on the Basic Search screen:

  • Source
  • Town
  • Property
  • Status
  • Market Segment
  • Referral Code
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • “Stay on dates”
  • “Booked on” dates

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Predefined Queries

To search by predefined filters, click on the 'Predefined Queries' link at the top of the search filter area, which will open the following screen:

Here you can get quick summary data for a single date.  Select the Property and Query from the dropdown menus and the date you want to search by clicking on the calendar icon.

Queries available from this screen are:   

  • In House Guests
  • All Arrivals
  • Pending Arrivals
  • All Departures
  • Pending Departures
  • Expected Departures
  • All Arrivals and Departures

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Reservation Actions

Once you retrieve a list of reservations, you can click on that 'Guest Name' from reservation on the list to view the reservation information and guest folio.

Certain actions can be performed on multiple reservations directly from the Reservation Search screen, including the following:

  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Cancel
  • No Show
  • Add Night
  • Delete

Additionally, there is a 'New Reservation' button to begin the process of booking a room.

To perform any of the bulk actions, simply locate the target reservations using any filter (e.g. Predefined Queries > Arrival List) then perform the following steps.

Steps for performing Bulk Actions:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the reservation(s) in question, or select the first checkbox in the column to select 'All'
  2. Select the desired action from the Action list at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click 'Go' to begin executing the selected action
  4. Follow the steps launched in the popup, until the final status screen is presented with the outcome to each reservation

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