Reservation Details

The Reservation Detail screen can be used to create a new reservation or modify an existing one.  It has a persistent Stay Info section and three tabs:

  • The Summary tab provides a brief overview of an existing reservation.
  • The Guest Info tab contains demographic, marketing, billing and contact information for the guest.  
  • The Folio tab has financial information specific to the reservation.

Stay Information


You can perform these actions from any of the three tabs via the 'Stay Information' area at the top (see above image):

View/Update Reservation Status

The system will update the status field automatically to reflect certain types of changes.  A new reservation in the process of being entered but has not yet been saved is given a status of “Pending”. 

Once saved, the reservation status changes to “Reserved” or another status as determined by the settings on the Inventory > Distribution > Channels screen.   You can use the dropdown menu for Reservation Status to manually change the reservation status to “On Hold”, “Reserved”, “Confirmed”, “Guaranteed”, “No Show”, or “Cancelled”.

Once checked-in, a guest can have a status of “in house” or “departed.” If for any reason this status needs to be changed, the user must use the rollback icon to change the status back to a previous state.  This icon can be found next to ‘Reservation Status,’ if the user has appropriate entitlements. 

Add a night

Just to the right of the Departure Date is an icon with a Plus sign.  Click on this icon to easily add an extra night to the back-end of the reservation.  The dates and room charges will be updated automatically.

Lock Room

On the right half of the screen, in the “Room(s)” field, is an icon that looks like a padlock.  This function is used to lock in a reservation for a particular room.  This icon works as a toggle:  When it is clicked “on”, room changes for this reservation are disabled.  When it is clicked “off”, room changes for the reservation are enabled. 

Room Assignment (includes other Reservation Parameters)

Just to the right of the “Lock Room” icon is another icon with a series of three dots:   "…"   Click here to open the Room Assignment page where you can enter these details specific to the reservation:

a.    Arrive – Use the calendar icon to select an arrival date.
b.    Depart - Use the calendar icon to select a departure date.  If you  enter the number of nights, this field will fill in automatically.
c.    Nights – Enter the number of nights for the reservation.  .  If you  enter the  Departure Date, this field will fill in automatically.
d.    Adults/Children – Enter the number of adults and children for this reservation.
e.    Property – Select the property if applicable.  
f.    Rate Plan – Select the rate plan applicable to this reservation, or select “Best Available” to view the best rates available, based on the other criteria entered.  Initial rate plans available on the system are:

  • Rack Rate
  • AAA
  • AARP/Seniors
  • Corporate
  • Group
  • Military

g.   Enforce Rules – if you would like the system to apply any rules that have been specified in the Inventory – Rules section, click this box.  If you would like to override all rules, leave this box unchecked.
h. Split Rooms – If this box is checked, you can make a separate room selection for each date.  To make one room selection for the entire reservation period, leave this box unchecked.
i.    Promo Code – Enter any applicable promo code here.
j.    Require Rate – If this box is checked, the system will not display rooms as available if there is no rate associated with them.  If this box is left unchecked, the system will display all available rooms, even if no rate is available for some of them.

When all selections have been made, click the “Search” button on the right side of the screen to display available rooms meeting these criteria in the lower section of the screen.  Select the Room Class, then the Room.  Click the “Select” button at the bottom of the screen to save and return to the previous

Function Buttons

The following Functions buttons can be found at the bottom of every tab within the 'Reservation Detail' screen.

  • Save: Commits the reservation, keeps you in the 'Reservation Detail' so you can make additional changes.
  • Done: Commits the reservation, moves you away from the 'Reservation Detail' page.
  • Copy: To make an additional reservation for the same guest, click on the ‘Copy’ button, then select the dates and room assignment by clicking on the Room Assignment icon.
  • Check In: To check in a guest, click the Check In button.  A copy of the Guest Reservation Form will appear in PDF format, which can be printed out.  You then have the option to either Confirm or Cancel the check-in by clicking on one of the buttons near the top of the Guest Reservation Form screen.  The reservation status will automatically change to “In-House”.  Confirmed check-ins are displayed on the Tape Chart in green.  
  • Check Out: To check out a guest, click on the Check Out button.  If there is a balance remaining on the account, the Payment Details screen will appear.   If you cancel without entering a payment, the system will ask if you would like to continue to check the guest out without a payment.  After the payment has been entered (or if there is no balance remaining, or if no payment is being made), a copy of the Guest Statement Form will appear in PDF format.  You then have the option to either Confirm or Cancel the check-out by clicking on one of the buttons near the top of the Guest Statement screen.  Confirmed check-outs are reflected by a reservation status of “Departed”, and are displayed on the Tape Chart in gray.
  • Cancel: Cancels any changes made and refreshes to the last save.

Printer and Email icons

In the upper right corner of the screen are two icons.  The Printer icon will open a menu with several report selections, such as  a guest registration card, a guest statement, etc.  Use the ‘Email’ icon to generate an email to the guest.

Summary Tab

The 'Summary' tab quickly displays important guest information to you. You can edit this information by going onto the 'Guest info' tab or the 'Folio' tab.

Guest Information Tab

Here you can view or change demographic information about the guest.  Information that is entered here will be saved to the guest account record.  You can see the guest account record by clicking on the ‘Guest Name’ or ‘Account Name.’

Stay Info

The information about the reservation is shown here. You can make changes to the length of stay, reservation status and room assignment by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Marketing Information

Here you can track marketing information specific to the guest.  This information can also be used to generate publicity materials specific to selected market segments.

(1)    Rate Plan
Select the appropriate rate plan for the guest.  
(2)    Market Segment
Select the market segment that applies to this guest.  Internet and GDS are the currently available default selections for market segment.  
(3)    Promo Code
Enter the Promo Code applicable to this guest.
(4)    Referral
Enter the referral source for this guest.  Initial referral sources available are “Walk-In” or “Other”.

Contact Information

If the Create Guest Profile box is checked, a Guest Profile account will be created and the information will be available for future reservations or for marketing purposes.  If this box is not checked, the contact information will be available for this reservation only.  
Similarly, if the “Update Guest Profile” is checked for an existing guest, any changes made on the Guest Info page will be stored in the Guest Profile.  

To select from existing Guest Profiles, click on the icon with three dots  ‘ …  ‘ , just to the right of the guest names fields.  The Guest Picker screen will be displayed.  Click on the first letter of either the first or last name, or use the filters to generate the list.  Select a guest from the list to be copied into the reservation.     

To select from existing Account Profiles, use the icon with three dots ‘ …  ‘  just to the right of the Account field.  The Account Picker screen will be displayed.  This screen can be used to select an existing account or create a new account.  

To create a New Guest record, enter the following information in the Contact Info section:

(1)    Guest Title / First / Last – Select a title from the dropdown menu, and enter the guest’s first and/or last name here.  Either a first or a last name is required for a reservation but both are required for a check-in.
(2)    Contact First / Last – Since in most cases this is the same as the guest name, the system automatically fills this in with the guest name as entered in the previous field.  If necessary, a different contact name can be entered in this field.  
(3)    Contact Details – Additional contact details such as address, phone, and email can be entered here.

Billing Information

(1)    If the box  ‘Same as Contact Info’ box is checked, billing information will automatically be copied from the Contact Info section.  The other Billing Information fields below will still need to be entered, as appropriate.
Tax Exempt, Tax Exempt ID - For tax exempt clients, click the Tax Exempt box and enter the Tax Exempt ID.  
(2)    Payment Method – A default payment method for this guest can be selected here.  The payment method can also be selected or changed when making an actual payment.  
Initial payment methods provided by the system are Visa, MC, AmEx, Diners Club, Discover, Check, Gift Certificate, PayPal, House Account and Cash.   
(3)    Account and Exp Date – If the Payment Method selected is a credit card, the Account and Exp Date are required fields.  Enter the credit card number and expiration date in these fields.

Click on the icon with the green key to decrypt the credit card number.  The icon turns to a red color, which when clicked only the last 4-digits of the credit card number are shown.

Folio Tab

This screen is used to view or edit financial information associated with a reservation.  

Line Items

This section displays each financial item associated with the stay.  Various filters are available near the bottom of the list to limit or expand the items displayed.  You can also add, edit, or void financial items here, or make payments on the account.     

(1)    Selection Boxes – Click one of these boxes to select a line item for a specific action.
(2)    Post Status Column – A clock in this column indicates that the item is “pending”, i.e., not posted. 

An arrow indicates the item has been posted.  To post an individual item from the folio screen, click on the clock, then save.  

(3)    Notes Column – Any notes associated with line items will be designated by a special icon in this column.  To see the content of the Note, click on the Item Description.
(4)    Description – Clicking on an item description will open a dialogue box where you can edit or void the item details.  
(5)    Payments icon –Payment items are designated with a special icon in the far right column of the grid.

Action Buttons

The action buttons on the upper right of the Line Items section are used to make changes to line items.  Changes are not saved until the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen is clicked.  
(1)    Add – Click on the “Add” action button to add a new line item.

(a)    Date – This column indicates the Transaction Date for the item.  The default date is the guest’s arrival date, but can be changed using the calendar icon.    
(b)    Category – Select the category for the item.  
(c)    Rate Picker icon - If “Room Charges” is selected as the Category, the icon with three dots to the right of the Description is enabled.  To select a Rate Plan, click this icon to open the Rate Picker window.   
(d)    Amount – Enter the dollar amount of the item here.    
(e)    Down Arrow – To duplicate this item for each day of the stay, click the down arrow just to the right of the Amount.
(f)    Done - When the item is comp lete, click the “Done” action button above the Amount column to continue.  Or click the “Cancel” button in this location to restore the screen.  

(2)    Pay - Click on the “Pay” action button to display the Payment Details screen and make a payment.  

(a)    Balances section – The area on the right side of the screen displays the current and ending balances for the reservation.  When you add a payment, the current payment amount will also be displayed here.
(b)    Date – Enter the Transaction Date here, using the calendar icon.  The default date for this field is the current date.
(c)    Amount – The default amount is the current balance.  If this payment is for a different amount, enter that amount here.
(d)    Payment Method – Use the dropdown menu to select the payment method.   
(e)    Payment Info – If the Payment Method selected is a credit card, the Payment Info icon becomes enabled.  Enter the credit card information here.
(f)    Void Payment – To void payments that appear in the Transactions section of the screen, click this box.    If the “Void Payment” box is checked, Notes becomes a required field.  Enter the reason for the Void here..    
(g)    Save/Cancel buttons – To transfer the payments to the guest Folio tab, as they appear in the Transactions section, click the Save button.  To exit the Pay screen without saving changes, click the Cancel button.
(h)    Void – To void an item on the folio screen, first click on the selection button to the left of the item, then click the Void action button.  A Notes box will appear for you to enter the explanation.      
(3)    Done – When you complete each action, click the “Done” button above the amount column to continue.  
(4)    Cancel – To cancel an action in process, use the “Cancel” button above the amount column to restore the screen.  When an “add” action is in process, other functions are disabled until either the “Done” or the “Cancel” button is clicked in this section.
(5)    Move – Allows the users to move items between folios. If multiple folios exist, select the move icon to launch the ‘Move Folio Items’ window. From there you can move items from the source folio to the target folio of your choice then hit close.
(6)    Apply Routing – Useful with groups—If set for the reservation, selecting folio items then clicking “apply routing” will route those items to the appropriate folio which can be set as a group setting.

Keeping Reservation Notes


Add a Note

Notes can be used to keep track of wake-up calls, housekeeping needs, or a variety of other functions.  Notes can be added or edited from either the Summary tab or the Guest Info tab.  To edit an existing note, click on the Subject for that note.  To create a new note, click on the “Add” button at the far right of the Notes section.  Either of these actions will open the Notes Detail page.

Note Type

The available Notes Types defined by the system are:

  • Internal
  • Housekeeping
  • Request
  • Wake-up Call
  • Guest Note
  • Complaint
  • Message
  • Deposit required
  • Email

Note: ‘Housekeeping notes’ will also appear on the ‘housekeeping report’ and ‘Guest Notes’ will be included in the ‘Guest Profile.’
Subject – Enter a subject for the note.
Details – Enter the details of the note.
Action Required – If this box is checked, the date and time fields in the “Due” section are enabled.
Due – If follow-up action is required, enter the date and time this action is due.
Action – The initial value of this field is “Pending”.  Use the drop down menu to change the status to “Completed”, “Cancelled”, or “Deleted."