Quote Screen

A quick way to determine room availability and pricing information is by using the ‘New Quote’ button on the ‘Reservations’ screen or reservations menu bar.

There are three primary actions which can be performed on this screen:

Availability Search

Once the ‘Rate Quote’ screen appears, a reservation clerk can search and book a room in four or five steps, as follows:

  1. Input key search information (arrival date, departure date, and number of adults/children)
  2. Click the ‘Search’ button to submit the search criteria
  3. The system provides a consolidated snapshot of availability and Average Nightly Rate by Room Class, including an estimate of the Total Amount, excluding Taxes.
  4. View additional rate details by night (if desired)
  5. Select the required action for desired room class

An example of the Quote Screen is shown below:

Under the search criteria, the window will show all of the property’s room classes. Each room class is accompanied by the total number of rooms in the property and the total number of available rooms. By clicking on the plus sign next to ‘Total Rooms’ count, the table will show an expanded view and will give greater details about the search results. Each room night of the proposed stay will have a brief description and the ‘Nightly Rate’. The total cost that the guest will incur during the proposed stay will be present under the ‘Total Rate’ column.

There are two action buttons next to each of the available room classes and the rate quote can now be saved or reservation booked by using the double quote or book icon, respectively.  


New Quote

Creates a Quote for the selected Room Class and Rates, in case the guest wants to complete the reservation later.  A Quote is similar to a reservation but does not occupy inventory and can also be used as a "Wait List".


Book Reservation

Begins the Reservation process by launching a blank reservation with the selected Room Class and Rates.

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Save a Quote

Clicking the ‘quote’ button will open the ‘Reservation Detail’ screen. This screen will require that the following market and guest contact information has been input before the quote can be saved.

Marketing Information:

  • Market Segment: What market segment does the guest represent?
  • Referral: How did they hear about the property?
  • Travel Agent: Select Travel Agent if being booked on behalf of a third party.
  • Ext. Res#: Reservation number given by the travel agent or GDS system

Before entering the guest’s contact information, click the checkbox to generate a guest profile. This will save the guest’s contact information for future rate quotes or reservations.

Guest Information:

  • Guest's First and Last Name
  • Contact's First and Last Name: will default to be same as the guest's name
  • Phone Number: primary and alternate
  • Fax Number: Important if quote is to be faxed to the guest
  • Email: Critical for correspondence and future promotional campaigns
  • Account: enter company or group name, or search for existing accounts
  • Address (3 Lines)
  • City
  • State/Country: Selecting US, Canada or UK as the country will require you to select the appropriate State, Province or County, respectively

Billing Information: If the billing name and address are the same as the contact information, check the ‘Same as Contact info’ checkbox. This will copy the information into the billing fields.

Notes: Notes are pieces of important information associated with a reservation or quote. They may be informational only, or may have an 'action required', in which case they are "Tasks" and available on the Task List (Guest Services > Task List). 

There are many note types setup initially with the system, however, an Administrator may manage the list and create and/or remove note types.  Some note types have special functionality, as follows:

  • Guest Notes: get attached to a guest profile or a guest reservation and are copied to all future reservations associate with the guest profile.  Guest Notes are visible to guests on their Guest Registration Form.
  • Housekeeping Notes: automatically have an action required and default to be due on the day of arrival at a predefined time set on the property options screen.  Housekeeping Notes are also visible on the Housekeeping screen and Task List.
  • Room Move: are created by the system automatically when a guest occupies more than one room during a single stay.  Room Move tasks by definition have an action required and require the action to be completed prior to affecting the room move.  If the property benefits from on premise interfaces with devices such as PBX, Voice Mail, VOD and Key Lock systems, then the settings in these systems will be updated after the action on this task is completed.

When you are done click 'Save' to commit the quote, or click ‘Done’ to go back to the Reservation screen.  After clicking on either button, the system will display the Quote number so that the guest can use it for future reference.

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