October 25, 2013

The release includes the following enhancements: 

Go-To Button

We have added a Go-To Button  Go-To Button in the Tape Chart next to the Property drop-down list. The Go-To Button allows Users to search for a reservation without filling in the mandatory fields information. This new feature is found in: Reservations →Tape Chart.

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Customized User Account Access

We have enhanced the ability to customize User’s access to information at Properties not associated to that User. The following are the specific enhancements that are now available.

i. In Guest History, Groups and Accounts, the result’s grid will contain all the reservations at all of the client’s properties, including properties the User is not associated to. However, now only reservations at properties the User is associated to will be clickable, otherwise the hyperlink is disabled. The location within innCenter are:

a)Reservations → Guest History → click on desired Account Name → Reservations tab
b) Reservations → Groups → click on desired Account Name → Reservations tab
c)Accounts → Accounts → click on desired Account Name → Reservations tab

ii. In the Group Pickup screen, all the blocks for a group will be displayed but User will only be able to book blocks at properties that he is associated to. Otherwise, the link to book a block will be disabled.

iii. Groups – Now, in the Account Details page for Groups, the room block listing & folio listing will be restricted to Users who are associated to the property.

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“All Properties” User Association

An “All Properties” checkbox is now available in Admin → Users → Details tab → Properties section. When this checkbox is checked, all the existing properties for a client are associated and if any new property is added to a client, that property is automatically associated to the user. This control would typically only be enabled for “Super” users who always need access to all properties.

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Default Drop-Down List

Now, the default drop down list throughout innCenter is disabled when no properties are associated and will be enabled after properties are associated to the Account.

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Task List Enhancement

In the past, if you used the Task List frequently, loading the page list could take a moment or two. To enhance performance, we’ve added pages to the Task List, so now you’re able to load your tasks faster than ever!

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