October 11, 2013

The release includes the following enhancements:

1. Folio Line Item Date Bug Fix

We've improved accounting for changes in a folio line item detail. Line item adjustments used to default the date to today, the current date. For example, if today's the 11th and you're trying to adjust an item on the 8th, the adjustment date occurs today rather than on the transaction's original date:

Now, when you edit a pending folio line item, the date will stay the same as when it was initially transacted:

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2. Incremental Realization of Advance Deposits

We've improved accounting for Advanced Deposits. In innCenter, Advance Deposits are any payments taken before the check in button is clicked. Now you'll have options as to what happens afterwards.

We're releasing the ability to actualize your advance deposits one day at a time. Currently, advance deposits are transferred from the Guest Ledger to the Advance Deposit Ledger and back in a lump sum.Now, if you only want to account for the first day of the advance deposit, allowing the remaining days' portion of the advance to stay on the Advance Ledger, you'll be able to do so. By turning on Incremental Realization at the Client level,when the days transactions are posted, the Advance Deposits will be realized for just that day.You can specify whether you realize advance deposits for room charge, incidentals, or both.

Enhanced Advance Deposits must be turned on to access the new functionality. Please contact us at 855-INN-ROAD if you'd like to turn on Incremental Realization of Advance Deposits

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3. Aged Accounts Receivables Beta

We’ve improved how our clients can manage their City Ledger by adding a new Accounts receivable aging option.

Currently, the innCenter calculates your account balances using running totals, that is all charges minus all payments equals the current balance. With the new Accounts Receivable Aging option activated,you'll be able to run a report showing your receivable accounts as 30 days, 60 days, and 90+, so you can better manage your receivables and keep your accounts current and the aging information will also show on account statements you send to your customers.

Additionally, A/R Aging allows you to apply payments against open transactions in Corporate/Member and Group accounts. This way, you can apply a payment against the specific charges the payment was intended to settle. The system will indicate which items are pending or partially paid to make accounting department’s job easier.

Since your prior transactions will need to be settled to determine which of your current balances are pending, you will need to contact us at 855 INN ROAD if you'd like to activate this new feature! We're releasing A/R Aging as a beta program so there are limited slots to get implemented during the Beta period. Once the Beta is over, all clients will be able to activate the feature and as always, this enhancement is available free to clients as part of their subscription to innCenter.

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