The software can be easily navigated through the Main Menu screen or the Shortcut Bar. The Main Menu is the first screen you will see once you login to the system and the icons remain in the Main Navigation section on top of the screen at all times. The Shortcut Bar is always located in the top right corner of your browser window.  Both navigation tools will give access to all of the main content areas and shortcuts to the most commonly used features within the system.

Main Menu

The main area of the Main Menu contains eight icons: Reservations, Accountants, Guest Services, Inventory, Setup, Admin, Night Audit, and Reports. When clicked, the icons will open a new screen to display a list of additional actions. Below is a list of each icon’s description.



Search for availability, as well as, book and manage individual and Group reservations.


Guest Services

Area to manage Housekeeping functions and track pending Tasks and Room Maintenance items.



Allow for the creation, modification, or deletion of a company, house, unit owner or travel agent account.



Allows for the overview of available rooms and management of Room Rates, Packages and Availability Rules for each Sales Channel.



Define the property details and descriptive content, as well as, setup system options and list of values.



Enables administrators to manage user entitlements and functional roles throughout the system.


Night Audit

Supports a management control process which is used to view or post the property’s daily transactions and close periods once finalized.



Provides access to transactional and statistical reports about the property.

Shortcut Bar

The shortcut bar is available near the top right corner of each screen.   Click on the different icons to access the most commonly used areas of the system.  A description of the different icons follows:


Quick Search

Opens the Reservations ’ Basic Search’ screen.

New Reservation

Opens the Reservations ‘Reservations Detail’ screen.

New Quote

Opens the Reservations ‘Rate Quote’ screen, which allows an availability search, rate quote or new reservations.

Note: the following shortcuts all navigate to the "Predefined Queries" screen (Reservations > Reservations > Predefined Queries), however, each selects a different query. Users may select one of eight (8) predefined queries.


In House List

Lists all guests who are currently "In House".

Arrivals List

Lists all guests who are scheduled to "Arrive" on that date. The "Arrival Date" can also be changed, as well as, limiting the list to "Pending Arrivals" only.

Departures List

Lists all guests who are scheduled to "Depart" on that date. The "Departure Date" can also be changed, as well as, limiting the list to "Pending Departures" only "Expected Departures", which includes guests who may not have checked in yet.