May 20, 2013

This release includes the following enhancements:

Assigning Rooms

In the Property Options screen (Setup / Properties / Property Name / Options), checking or unchecking ‘Assign Rooms’ will define the default setting on the Group Block screen (Reservations / Groups / Account Name / Block)
Now, just like on the New Quote screen, you can choose whether or not to assign rooms by default

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Picking Up Rooms

The Rooming List (Reservations / Groups / Book Icon / Rooming list) allows you to pickup multiple rooms at once. This corrects the past difficulty in automatically assigning rooms and adjusting billing at the time of pick up

  • Now, choosing “Auto Select” will auto-assign a room based on the rooms sort order in Room Class Configuration (Set up / Room Classes / Rooms)
  • If the Group Account is set to Copy Billing Information, the billing info will auto populate in the […] screen next to the pickup
  • If Copy Billing Information is not selected, first and last names from the group account will populate on the Rooming List, making payment info entry easier
  • Checking Copy Billing Information on the group account now copies group account payment information to pickup reservations regardless of the source of pickup.

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More Filtering Options

Now you can sort by Arrival Date and Departure Date just by clicking in the column header in the Group Account List (Reservations / Groups)

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Default Room Assignments

In the Property Options screen (Setup / Properties / Property Name / Options) when “Confirm Room Assignment at Check In” is selected, now “Only if Un-Assigned, Dirty or Occupied” will be selected by default

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Changing Group Billing Info

Users can now update Group Account Billing Information after creating a block. Now, when you click Save after updating a information within group, as long as Copy Billing Info is checked, you can update all rooms, or only blocked rooms

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Bulk Check In

When bulk checking in Reservations (Reservations / Reservations / Predefined Queries / Bulk Actions), if you select zero-balance, no longer are you presented with a blank screen. Now, the screen will display that no payments are required and will allow you to process the list of all selected Reservations

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Account Note Types

Previously, Accounts only had a select few note types available. Now, all note types will be available in the Notes Types List (Setup / List Management / Notes Types)

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Group Master Folio Options

Setting Charge Posting options on the Account-Master Folio used to not affect an associated Block. Now, setting Charge Posting on the Account-Master Folio gives you the option to apply the settings to blocks within the group

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Charge Posting to the Main Block Folio

Line items added in the Main Block folio now behave strictly as group incidentals, without a balance. (For example, if $100 in golf charges is posted on the Main Block within a group, each picked up reservation will display $100 of golf charges)

  • If you add group incidentals to the Main Block folio prior to creating a group block, the incidentals will be applied as line items on picked up reservations
  • If you add group incidentals to the Main Block after reservations have been picked up, you are given the option to apply the incidentals to all reservations

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Charge Posting by Reservation Pick-up Source

Charge Posting allows items to be transferred between Group Folios and Reservation Folios. Previously, Charge Posting depended on the source of Reservation pickup. Now, charges post regardless how the Reservation is picked up, whether it’s via the Booking Engine, the Tape Chart, the Book Icon, or the Rooming List. Both posting to reservation folios from the Main Block Folio, and posting charges between the Guest Folio and the Account folio within the reservation now post accordingly


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