March 11, 2014

The release includes the following enhancements:

Time Zone Awareness:

Previously, the notion of Today in the system was dependent on EST. Between client level and multi property clicking Today on the calendar didn't always go to today dependent upon your property's time zone. Now, Today is tied to the property's Time Zone and Time Stamps are dependent upon the Client Level.

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Time Zone list

We've updated time zone values to reflect geographic regions, instead of just number values to make it easier to set the correct time zone. So no matter where around the world your properties are, it's easy to find and set the correct value.

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Additionally, we've adjusted the today value on all system calendars to reflect the Property's time zone. If it's 1 AM in New York and 10 PM in San Francisco, the correct date at each property will be auto selected for properties in those respective time zones.

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Arrival and Departure list

Now, arrivals and departures will automatically update to the property's Time Zone value. A property in GMT -5 and another property in GMT -8 will see the correct list for arrivals by calendar date when the time is 10 PM in California.

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Time Stamp Updating

All time stamps and updates to records including accounts, reservations, groups, and reports, are now tied to the client level. All time stamp updates now include a time zone (e.g., 0.00 GMT) for further clarification, so you know which user updated the record and specifically when.

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Other Enhancements:

We’re also creating a mirror of our entire rate database dedicated to sources other than innCenter. Availability inquiries from booking engines and 3rd parties will be much faster.