List Pages

List Filters

All screens displaying lists have a filter at the top of the screen which limits the number of records returned by the list. 

Alphabetic Filter

Reservation and Account List screens also include an Alphabetic Filter allowing you to filter the results on the screen by the starting letter or number of either the Guest or Account name, respectively.  If no results are present when clicking on a letter, then 'All' records which begin with that letter are listed.  In either case, clicking on 'Go' is not required.

List Pagination

If there are a large number of results, pagination becomes visible at the lower right corner of the screen, allowing users to view more items.  To limit the number of pages or view all results on one page, select the number of items you would like to view per page from the ‘Items Per Page’ dropdown menu.  For exceptionally long lists, clicking on the '...' will show additional pages.

List Sorting

You can sort a list by clicking the appropriate column you would like to sort. For example, you can sort by Guest Name by clicking on the column heading.  Clicking on the same column heading again, will reverse the sort order.