List Management

List management is where all lists reside and are accessible by various components of the system.  System items cannot be removed, but can be edited.  For example, changing the description of rack rate in Rate plans will change how it displays on your booking engine.  Referral, Market Segment, Maintenance Reason, Notes Type, Rate Plan, Housekeeping Zones are the 6 types of lists that can be managed.  

  1. Referral - The, "how did you hear about us question."  This is an external classification of guests and can be reported on for marketing.  Examples:
    1. Google
    2. Expedia
    3. Direct Mail
    4. Word of mouth
  2. Market Segment - An internal classification of guests and can be reported on for marketing.  Examples:
    1. VIP
    2. SMERF
    3. Transient
    4. International
  3. Maintenance Reason - Internal structure of why a room would be taken out of availability.  Example:
    1. Remodel
    2. New FF&E
    3. Deep Clean
    4. Hold
  4. Notes Type - Note types assigned to reservation.  These can be indexed in Guest Services.  Example:
    1. Airport Pick up
    2. Champagne on arrival
    3. Pet in Room
    4. Pain in the. . .rather, Valued Guest 
  5. Rate Plan - Merchandising of rates.  Individual rate plans appear on the booking engine and change the way your users search for Rates.  Examples:
    1. Walk In
    2. Comp
    3. Merchant
    4. Package
  6. Housekeeping Zones - Classification of rooms for housekeeping scheduling.  Housekeeping assignment sheets can be printed out by Zone.  Zones often correspond to Room Classes, wings, cardinal directions, or Floors of a hotel.  Examples:
    1. 3rd floor West
    2. North Side
    3. Atrium
    4. B-Wing

To add a new item to a list:

  1. Click New Item
  2. Enter a name and a description
  3. Click Save

To edit an existing item in a list:

  1. Click the check box next to the item
  2. Click edit at the bottom of the page
  3. Change the name or description
  4. Click Save