Ledger Accounts

Ledger Accounts:

Ledger Accounts are categorizations of charges and payments. Anything you would like to charge on a folio, or any method of payment needs a ledger account.

To add a ledger account, Click New Account. To edit an existing account, click the checkbox next to the name and click edit.

Ledger accounts can be managed at the Master and Property Level. At the Master Level all ledger accounts are listed. At the property level, accounts can be listed as inactive, so they don't show in the Category drop down list. For example, you might want to rent beach towels and linens at the bungalows, but not have those items appear for the hotel property. Master accounts are active for all properties by default.

To make a ledger account inactive for a property

  • Click the Property tab
  • Select a property from the drop down ion the filter bar
  • Click the check box of the ledger account you'd like to edit
  • Click edit at the bottom of the window
  • Change the status of the account at the right to inactive.