Release Notes: June 25, 2012

This release includes the following enhancements:

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Windows Users: Please ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader X installed.

Minor Bug Fixes and Enhancements (innCenter)

  • Account List Sorting: Added the ability to sort account lists by clicking on headers. Reports will print out in the same order.
  • Ledger Balance Report: Corrected issue in Firefox that caused the hide filter arrow and help icon to run off of the screen.

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On-premises Interface Enhancements

  • Minibar Section: Added new minibar section, so that minibar postings can be differentiated from POS postings.
  • Credit limit updates: Changing credit limit in innCenter now sends a message to interface PC and updates credit accordingly.

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Rate Grid and Rate Override

We have just added a new rate management feature, the "rate grid", in BETA testing. Please contact support for more information before utilizing this functionality as it is a very different way of distributing rates.

Added a new client level option for rate management: Inventory sub-system (default), Rate Override, or Both.

  • If Inventory sub-system is selected, rates will be pulled from the current rate setup.
  • If Rate Override is selected, the current rate setup will be ignored and rates will be pulled from the rates grid screen.
  • If Both is selected, any rates from the rates grid will be pulled first. Rates from the current inventory sub-system will then be pulled for any dates where no override rate from the rates grid is present.
Added Rates Grid screen under Inventory-> Overview
  • The rates grid will display rates from either the inventory-sub system, rate override, or both, depending on client setting.
  • Clicking on a cell in the grid displays the rate details page or rate override screen, depending on client setting.
  • Clicking on a Room Class name displays the rate override screen
  • The rate grid can be viewed by rate plan, occupancy level, or source

Rates can be edited in the Rate Override screen for a given date range by either Single Room Multi Rate (one room class across multiple rate plans), or Multi Room Single Rate (all room classes for one rate plan).

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