June 19, 2013

The release includes the following enhancements:


In an effort to reduce pop ups in our graphical user interface, we’ve updated the system-wide calendar. Now, when clicking any calendar icon throughout innCenter (including the Tape Chart, New Quote, Group Block, Reports, Seasons, and anywhere you select a date) you’ll see our new calendar.

Plus, if you click on the month name in the new calendar header, you will see the year displayed - pick a month with a single click!

Additionally, this improvement allows you to search for Tape Chart availability on an iPad.

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Rate Grid Enhancements

The Rates Grid located in Inventory / Rates offers a visual context of rates, and an easy way to edit rates. We’ve made two significant improvements:

  • Derived Rates from Override - Now, if you have derived rates attached to a rate, when that rate is overridden, the derived rates update accordingly. So for example, overriding your BAR for a King Room will also update the AAA derived from it for that particular date.
  • Multiple Sources - We’ve added a multi-select window to Source selection on the rate grid, so now you can easily update rates across all sources with just a few clicks.

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Length of Stay Tax Exemption

We’ve received several requests to increase tax flexibility. Length of Stay Tax Exemption is the first of several tax improvements:

  • Property Level Configuration

This week, we’re releasing a new Operations section of in the Property Options Screen (Set up / Properties / [Property Name] / Options). You can now set a property level Length of Stay Tax Exemption by entering a value for “Reservations longer than [ ] nights are tax exempt.”

By setting a Length of Stay Tax Exemption, you’re able to eliminate tax after the number of nights entered in Property Options. For example, entering 5 would be that guests staying 5 nights will be taxed appropriately. On the sixth night and beyond, the reservation would be eligible to be tax free.

  • Reservation Level Configuration

At the Reservation Level, checking the “Long Stay” box sets the reservation to a Tax Exempt ID as Long Stay.

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Night Audit

Reservations that meet the Length Of Stay Tax Exemption will appear in a new section called Long Stays within Night Audit (Night Audit / Long Stays). From the Long Stay section, you can update all qualified reservations to Long Stay Tax Exempt.

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