January 31, 2014

The release includes the following enhancements:

Folio Credit Limit

Credit limits used to be just a setting for third party interfaces.We have incorporated this logic to a reservation level and made the credit limit a setting you can easily adjust. Just as before, postings from onsite 3rd Party interfaces (POS, VOD, Call Accounting, etc.) are still dependent upon credit limit. Similarly, transactions posted by users or the night audit are not subjected to Credit limit values. However, we’ve moved credit limits from only an interface level setting to a Property Level setting, where in Set up / Properties / [property name] / Options you can define credit limit as:

  • A Percentage of Total Charges, Room Charges or Balance.
  • A Fixed Amount.
  • or the First ___ Night(s)Room Charges

The Default Property credit limit is none. Property level Credit limits are applied to a reservation at the time of check in. Users with folio clearances can edit reservation Credit limits in Folio Options. Credit limits at the master folio level are considered for guest folio Credit State on the Daily HighBalance Report.

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Daily High Balance Report

Until recently, you could report on which reservations had a balance against payments, but the report did not consider Authorizations or Credit limits. If you’re keeping track of reservations based on Auths and Payments, you need to know when to add authorizations or increase payments based on additional charges. With the Daily High Balance report, you can get a snapshot of your reservations accounts. In Reports / Account Balances, there are two new check boxes:

  • Include Authorizations
  • Sort by Credit State

Checking“Include Authorizations”will calculate the reservation account balance as it did before, (including Current Room Charges, Payments)but also consider Authorizations and the preset Credit Limit to determine the credit state of a current reservation.Checking“Sort by Credit State”will sort by the New Credit State Icons included in the Daily High Balance Report.

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Accounts are green when Total Charges to date less Payments and Auths is less than or equal to zero. Accounts are Yellow when Total Charges to date less Payments and Auths are greater than zero, but still below the credit limit. Accounts are Red when Total Charges to date less Payments and Auths is greater than Zero and above the credit limit.Reservations will multiple folios will only consider the Guest Folio for the Credit Limit Status and in the default sorting (with Include Authorizations checked) the primary folio will show the credit status and below it the other folios will just indicate any balance that is left.Additionally, sorting by Credit State will sort by individual folio’s credit state. A reservation with multiple folios will only have a credit state for the default guest folio.

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Bug Fixes

The small fixes included with this release address issue with filters in Accounts / Accounts / Gift Certificates and the Set up / Properties, running a mailing details report, and formatting emails from reservations.

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