January 20, 2014

The release includes the following enhancements:

Reservation Occupancy Override

Previously, if you wanted to override rates based on double occupancy (2 persons per room), it was a little cumbersome. Entering an A1 value in the Rates Grid (Inventory / Overview) didn’t translate to an A2 override. To alleviate this, we’ve eliminated A1-A4 overrides, and replaced them with P1-P4. Now, you can set a property level option in Property Details (Set up / Properties / Options) to define the default occupancy for rate override.

So whether your property is more concerned with single, double, triple, or quadruple occupancy, your team will find it even easier to set overrides for the right occupancy value. Of course, you can define occupancy override levels at the override screen, so even if your property defaults to P1, you can set a P2 override.

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Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Tax Exempt Adjustments - If a reservationn is marked Tax Exempt, users will not be allowed to commit tax folio line item adjustments. Reservation Folio tax adjustments will be allowed, as they currently are; this is to prevent adjustments in Tax Exempt items.

Deposits Reports - We’ve consolidated deposit reporting in Reports. So if you have Enhanced Advance Deposits configured in in Client Details (admin / [Client Name] / Options), you’ll only see the "Advance Deposit" report. If you do not have Enhanced Advance Deposits configured, you’ll see "Deposit Report."

Obsolete Accounts - Accounts can no longer be marked as obsolete with a balance remaining on the folio.

Inactive Accounts - The City Ledger Balance now includes Active and Inactive accounts.

Guest Ledger and Advance Deposit transfers -Previously, both line items displayed as positive transactions. Now, transfers from the Guest Ledger to the Advance Deposit ledger are marked as negative in the Guest Ledger. Transfers from Advance Deposit Ledger to Guest Ledger are marked positive. Viewing the same transactions from the Advance deposit ledger, transfersfrom the Guest Ledger to the Advance Deposit ledger are marked as positive, and transfers from Advance Deposit Ledger to Guest Ledger are marked negative.

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