Inventory Setup

Q. How do I change the order in which I see the rooms on the Tape Chart?

To change the room class ordering on the Tape Chart, change the room class "Sort Order” as follows: 

  1. Click “Setup
  2. Click “Room Classes
  3. Click on the ‘Room Class’ for which you would like to change the Sort Order. This opens the "Room Class Detail” screen.
  4. Enter the order number for the selected ‘Room Class’ in the ‘Sort Order’ box in the top right section of the screen.  For example, if you would like it to be listed first, enter 1 in the ‘Sort Order’ box. 
  5. Reorder the remaining Room Classes as appropriate
  6. Click “Done

To change an individual room’s sort order on the Housekeeping Report or within the Room Class, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Setup
  2. Click “Room Classes
  3. Click on the ‘Room Class’ which contains the rooms you would like to change the Sort Order. This opens the “Room Class Details” screen.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, in the “Room Attributes” section, enter the room sort order in the ‘Sort Order’ column.
  5. Click “Done

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Q. How Do I set up seasons and rates for my property?

Setting up seasonal rates is a two step process: Step 1 is to set up a new season and Step 2 is to set up the corresponding new rate. Follow the steps below to set up new seasons and rates.
Step 1: Setting up a new season

  1. Click “Inventory
  2. Click “Seasons
  3. Click “New Season” at the bottom of the screen.  This opens the “Season Details” screen.
  4. Enter “Season Name
  5. Select the “Start Date” and “End Date
  6. Check the appropriate ‘Weekdays
  7. Click “Done
*Note: Be careful when creating overlapping seasons and rates. If this is done, you may need to construct a “Rate Floor.”  See below.  

Step 2: Setting up the corresponding new rate

  1. Click “Inventory
  2. Click “Rates
  3. Click “New Rate” at the bottom of the screen.  This opens the “Rate Details” screen.
  4. Enter the appropriate information.  The fields marked in red are required fields.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, in the “Apply To” section, click on ‘Associate Seasons’.  This opens the “Season Picker” window.  
  6. Click on the seasons in the ‘Available Seasons’ box that are associated with the new rate and move them to the ‘Added Seasons’ box by clicking ‘ > ‘.  Click on the ‘ >> ‘ to move all Seasons to the ‘Added Seasons’ box.  Similarly, to deselect the Seasons in the ‘Added Seasons’ box and move them  back to the ‘Available Seasons’ box, click on ‘ < ‘ or ‘ << ‘ .
  7. *Note: When multiple rates overlap within one season, selecting “Yes” for ‘Rate Floor’ will set that rate as the minimum rate for that period. That is, the system will not display a lower rate within that particular rate plan. If Rate Floor is NOT selected, then the lower of the two conflicting rates will be selected. You should consider creating rate floors for each rate plan you have set in the system.   
  8. Click “Done

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Q. Why is the incorrect rate showing up in my system?

There could be several reasons for an incorrect rate showing up in the system.  Consider the following:

  • Rate Calculation – Do the amounts you provided sum to the appropriate rate under the various occupancy scenarios?
  • Season – is the rate you intended associated to the appropriate season(s)?
  • Room Class – is the rate you intended associated to the appropriate room class(es)?
  • Multiple Rates – is there another rate which overlaps with the rate you intended (i.e. same or overlapping season)? (The system will always select the lower of the two rates, unless one is a ‘rate floor’, in which case it will select the higher.

To trouble shoot an incorrectly quoted rate, you must first identify the rate which is being calculated by the system by following these steps:

  1. Initiate a new reservation from either the ‘Tape Chart’, ‘New Quote’ screen or ‘New Reservation’ button
  2. Provide the search criteria and select the desired ‘Room Class’ (and room, if required)
  3. Go to ‘Folio’ tab
  4. Click on the ‘Rate’ in question to launch the ‘Item Detail’ screen
  5. Under ‘Transactions’ click on the ‘Description’ of the Rate to launch the ‘Rate Details’ screen
  6. Is this the rate you intended?
    1. If yes, check the rate amount fields to make sure they sum to the amount you want in the various scenarios
    2. If no, you must compare this rate with the one you intended.  Note the name of the rate and continue below.
      1. Click “Inventory” tab on the Main menu
      2. Click “Rates
      3. Select the “Room Class” showing the incorrect rate
      4. Click ‘GO’ to filter the list of rates
      5. Select the “Rate Name
      6. Scroll to the bottom to the “Apply To” section to see if the correct season is associated with the rate.  If not, click the “Associate Seasons” button to open the ‘Season Picker’ screen and add the correct season. 

*Note: You can click the red “X” to delete seasons that do not belong.

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Q. How can I change a rate being charged to a guest?

Option 1: Guest will not see the adjusting entry

If the rate has not been posted through Night Audit, follow these steps to change the rate:

  1. Go to the reservation. You can find it by clicking ‘Reservations’ and searching by Guest Name or Reservation Number or on the Tape Chart by clicking on ‘Tape Chart
  2. Open the reservation by clicking on the guest name
  3. Click on the “Folio” tab
  4. Click on rate “Description” in the “Line Items” section of the screen. The ‘Item Detail’ window will open.
  5. Select “Room Charge” from the ‘Category’ drop down menu.
  6. Enter “Description” such as ‘room charge’ for increasing the rate or ‘room discount’ for decreasing the rate.
  7. Enter the “Amount”.  Enter a positive amount if you are increasing the rate or a negative amount if you are decreasing the rate. 
  8. Click “Add”. You will see the updated ‘Folio’ screen with the change of charge.
  9. Click “Done” at the bottom of the screen.
Option 2: Guest will see the adjusting entry

Another way to adjust the rate is by adding an adjusting item:

  1. Go to the reservation and click “Folio
  2. Click on the “Add” button above the “Line Items” section.  A new Line Item is now open in the “Line Items” section.
  3. Select the “Date” for the new Line Item
  4. Select “Room Charge” or “Room Discount” from the “Category” dropdown menu
  5. Enter the “Description” (e.g., room discount)
  6. Enter the “amount” of the adjustment (e.g., discounts should be a negative number)
  7. Click “Done” above the line items
  8. Click “Done” at the bottom of the screen

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