Q. "Unassigned" Reservations: Why do some reservations made through GDS or OTA Direct Connects display as unassigned?

There are three (3) common reasons for a GDS or OTA Direct Connect reservation to display in innCenter as “Unassigned”…

1. The most common cause for “Unassigned” reservations via GDS or EQC: booking a room in a room class that has availability but not for consecutive room nights. The GDS or EQC database sees availability for a date by room class. See the screenshot below. The “Suite” room class has availability for July 1st and July 2nd but not for the same room class. A search on the GDS for the Suite room class for 2 nights arriving on July 1st will result in a booking. innCenter will not enter the reservation as a split room booking (DS1 on July 1st and DS3 for July 2nd) but instead, will enter it as “Unassigned”. With the absence of this feature, many reservations would be lost. In most cases, a simple rearrangement of inventory will allow the “Unassigned” booking to be placed into the tape chart.

2. In the event of an overbooking, a reservation will display as “Unassigned” as well. If a reservation is made for a date with no availability in the room class, the reservation will enter as “Unassigned”. innRoad will sync all booking regardless if inventory is unavailable. Overbookings can happen for various reasons - innRoad Support will be alerted of the event and will investigate the matter on your behalf.

3. Reservations will also display as “Unassigned” if the “Assign Rooms” property option is not selected. To select the “Assign Rooms” option, go to Setup > Properties > Property Name > Options > Reservations > Assign Rooms checkbox.


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Q. How do I push out rates to the GDS and OTA Direct Connects?

When creating new rates, remember to always associate “GDS” or “EQC” to any rate published via those sources. It’s easy; simply find the Associate Source option at the bottom of every rate page.

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Q. How do I remove a rate from displaying on the GDS or a direct OTA connection?

There are 2 ways to successfully “remove” a rate from displaying on the GDS or direct connect OTA source. First, you can replace it. Once the rate is published to a source (like GDS, EQC, or it can be replaced by another rate. Second, black out the date in innCenter. Click Inventory > Distribution > Blackouts > select the source > check dates to black out and click GO. Note:Rates cannot be removed from the GDS database by the following ways:

a. Inactivating
b. Deleting or making a published rate obsolete
c. Removing an associated season from a published rate
d. Removing a source from the published rate
e. Removing a room class from the published rate.

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Q. Will conditions sync to GDS and/or EQC sources?

Remember that conditions will not sync to GDS or EQC sources. Rate Conditions (such as Check in Required, Stay Through, Length of Stay, Advanced Booking) that are set within a rate (see screenshot below) will not interface to the GDS and EQC databases. (With the exception of Promo Codes, which do interface.) To successfully sync rules to these sources, set minimum stay, no check in and no check out rules using Inventory > Rules.


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Q. Do Interval and Monthly Rates sync to the GDS and other OTA Direct Connect sources?

Please remember that Interval and Monthly Rates do not sync to GDS, or EQC sources – in order for rates to successfully sync with external sources (other than your booking engine) Interval must be set to 1. Interval and Monthly rates apply only to innCenter and innRoad powered booking engines.



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