Release Notes: February 1, 2012

The enhancements are as follows:

Minor bug fixes and enhancements (innCenter)

  • Unit Owner Statements: Added Client Level Option - “Include the arr/dep dates and # nights”, which adds the additional fields to the description of Room Revenue items on a Unit Owner Statement.
  • Advanced Search: Added all fields from Basic Search in advanced search filter.
  • Image uploader: We allow only .jpg or .JPEG files and now restrict in all image uploader screens.
  • Adding Nights: Adding nights using + and room assignment page were modified to include entire stay rather than the only the extension dates.
  • Packages: Included Room Charges in packages
  • Folio Printouts: Guest Registration form and statement opens in Ajax popup instead of a seperate window

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Rate management enhancements

We at innRoad have always prided ourselves in the flexibility of our Rate Management and this release brings with it enhancements which should make managing rates more transparent, easier, more flexible, and faster.

Derived Rates: These new Rate Plan definitions allow an entire Rate Plan to be derived from another Rate Plan, based on an offset amount of either a percentage or an absolute amount.

This are ideal for managing Merchant Rates, as well as, static discounting scenarios such as AAA and senior discounts. Users also have the ability to limit derived rates by Season, Room Class, and Source.

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Advanced deposit ledger

Clients now have the option to manage Advance Deposits with more detail. By using the Advanced Deposit Ledger, users can see payments move in and out of the Advance Deposit Ledger. The feature can be turned on from the Options tab of the Client Details screen and affects the Payment Details screen, as well as, Advance Deposit and Ledger Balance Reports. When activated, Advance Deposits show up as transfers between the Guest Ledger (i.e. Reservation Folio) and the Advanced Deposit Ledger and can be seen as $0 sum transfers on the Payment Details popup, or transfer items the Ledger Balance and Advanced Deposit reports.

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Document template field additions

New Fields: We’ve added 21 new fields which can be included into your Document Templates, including several calculated fields derived from Reservation Folios.

  • KeyCode - Generated by Integrated Key System
  • Room Number - Alphanumeric Room Number
  • StationID - From RoomClass Details page
  • Totals from the Reservation Folio:
  • Total Charges - All Room Charges + Incidentals + Taxes
  • Total Room Charges - The sum of all Room Charges
  • Total Incidentals -The sum of allIncidental Charges
  • Total Taxes -The sum of alltaxes
  • Property Information: (Setup > Properties > Property Details)
  • Property Address
  • Property Phone Number
  • Property Contact Email
  • Reservation Status - Confirmed, Guaranteed, Reserved, Cancelled, etc.
  • Account Name - Account Name Associated with the Reservation
  • Travel Agent Account Name
  • Guest Email
  • Market Segment
  • Referral Code
  • SourceID – The source of the reservation (e.g. innCenter, Booking Engine, GDS, etc)
  • User Information:
  • UserBooked First Name
  • UserBooked Last Name
  • UserEdited First Name
  • UserEdited Last Name

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