Required fields

All record detail screens have some fields which are “required” and need a valid value in order for the record to be saved. If you try to save a screen before all required fields are completed, a message will appear in red near the top of the page.  Additionally, some fields are “recommended” and should be input whenever possible, though not required.

Exception Messages

When validation conditions are not met, the system will abort the current process and escalate an exception message. Exception messages are typically printed on the top of the page, just below the title bar and are in red.


Printing Reports

Several reporting options are available via the Reports menu, however, many screens also let you print directly by clicking on the printer icon. All reports launch as PDFs and can be saved, emailed or printed, as well as, converted to Excel or HTML files.


System Busy Icon

Once you click on a function, the system will indicate that it is trying to perform the function by displaying the System Busy Icon next to the page title. To avoid system errors, do not click on additional functions while the system is busy. In most cases, all other functions will be disabled while the system is busy.