Document Templates

Document Templates:

Document templates are blueprints for communications. You can set up emails for guests, messages for you reservationists, and even emails to alert you when a reservation is booked online. These templates are merged with reservation data allowing for each letter or email to be printed and sent with custom information.

To Create a new Document click New Document at the bottom of the screen.
1. Assign a Document Name - This is how the document will appear in the print list
2. Give the Document a Description - This is useful to differentiate
3. Click to assign the document a Default Template - Naming a document as a default will mean it will be the standard for that document type
4. Click Associate Sources - Sources define the place the reservation originates. This way you can have unique documents for innRoad, booking engine or GDS reservations
5. Click Associate Properties - You can assign which properties get the document your building. Is it just the hotel or the extended stays as well?
6. Click Associate Functions -

Functions are the type of document you can create:
1. Confirmation Letter - This is a letter you would print our and snail mail to a guest
2. Confirmation Message - This a message or sales script that will pop unto your reservationists requiring them to click confirm
3. Guest Form Footer - This does absolutely nothing. Ignore it.
4. Guest Registration Form - This will be a selection for a custom registration card
5. Guest Statement - This will be a selection for a custom guest statement
6. Click Save to save you document

Once you have the parameters set for the document, click the content tab to add the content you need in the document. In the content tab there's a WYSIWG editor that allow you to enter text and change its formatting, just like writing an email or a word doc. As well, you can click to HTML button to bring up an editor that you can input HTML to add pictures and custom formatting to your documents.

The most important piece is the Custom Fields Section. Here you can add mail merge fields that will populate with your guest's and your properties information.

  • Address - The Hotel's Address
  • AdultsChildren - Displays the number adults and children, like 1/0
  • ArrivalDate - The Reservation's arrival date
  • CCExpDate - The credit card on the reservation's expiration date
  • CCLastf4Digits - The last four digits of the credit card on the reservation
  • Confirmation Number - Displays the reservations unique res number - 1061023
  • ContactName - Displays the contact name for the reservation
  • Country - Displays the reservation's country of origin
  • Currency - Shows the default currency for the property
  • DepartureDate - Displays departure date for the reservation
  • GuestFirstName - Displays Guest First Name
  • GuestLastName - Displays Guest Last Name
  • noOfNights - THe number of nights on the reservation
  • NoOfRooms - THe number of rooms on the reservation
  • Notes - Will display the Guest Note Note Type
  • PaymentAmount - The deposit amount
  • PaymentName - The name on the Credit Card
  • Policies - The Hotel Policies
  • PropertyLegalName - The Property Name
  • Rates - Displays the Nightly Rate
  • Room - Displays the room number
  • RoomClass - Displays the Room Class
  • Salutation - Displays the guest title
  • SystemDate - Displays the System Date

You can have multiple document types from the same function for the same source, but only one default. For example, you could have three confirmation emails called confirmation, Cancellation, No Show. Each email has a different purpose, but behaves the same as a confirmation email.