Creating a new reservation

Reservations can be created within innCenter using one of the following methods:

  • Using the Reservations screen
  • Using the Tape Chart
  • Using the New Quote screen
  • Using an existing Guest History record


Creating a reservation using the Reservations screen

The Reservations screen allows you to quickly enter guest information and then add rate and availability information to complete the reservation.

Click on the button on the Main Menu at the top of the screen

Click on Reservations

Click on the button at the bottom of the screen

Enter all of the appropriate information about the guest in the Marketing Information, Contact Information, and Billing Information sections:

  • All fields in RED are required fields – these fields must be complete in order to save the reservation

  • All fields in BLUE are recommended fields – these fields should be complete but are not required to save the reservation

  • If the Create Guest Profile checkbox is checked, the information about the guest will be saved in the Guest History list within innCenter

  • If the guest has previously stayed at the property, click on the button next to the Guest Last field to copy information from an existing Guest History record

  • If the Billing Information for the guest is the different from the Contact Information, uncheck the Same as Contact Info checkbox and enter the appropriate billing information

Click on the button next to Room(s) to search for availability

Enter the following information in the Room Assignment popup window:

  • Arrive and Depart dates
  • Number of Adults and Children

Select the appropriate Property and Rate Plan and enter a Promo Code, if applicable

Click on the  button

Select a Room Class and Room Number for the first date of the reservation

  •  This will assign the room for all dates in the reservation
    • Checking the Split Rooms checkbox and clicking on the button again will allow different rooms to be assigned for different dates in the reservation

Using the 'Rate Quote' Screen

Another way to determine room availability and pricing information is by using the ‘New Quote’ button in the reservations menu bar.  Click on ‘New Quote’ and enter the key information in this screen then click 'Search.'  You will get a quick snapshot of availability and rates.  An example is shown below:


The Total Rooms column shows the total room inventory, the Avail Rooms column shows what is currently available, the Room Class column shows the type of rooms that are available that fit the search.  Accordingly, the Nightly and Total values are shown as well.

Clicking the ‘plus’ sign next to the Total Room number, will display the rate per day.  

In the Action Column you will see two icons, a 'Quote' icon and a 'Book' icon:

  • The ‘Quote’ button which allows you to generate a formal quote and quote number. The ‘quote’ function doesn’t solidify the room, it just has a quote which you can then book.  
  • The  ‘book’ icon which will open up reservation booking form

To finalize a formal quotation for the guest, press the ‘quote’ button corresponding to the room type they select.  This will open up another screen that requires some additional information before it can be finalized.

Contact Information of the client - use the checkbox to generate a guest profile

Billing Information:  If the same as contact information use the ‘Same as Contact info’ checkbox

Notes:  If there are any special requests, action items, reminders that need to be attached to the quotation on behalf of the guest, enter them here.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ENTER.  Guest Notes are visible on the guest confirmation report that gets sent to the guest.

When you are done tell the Guest their Quote number for future calls or reference, click Save.  Click ‘Done’ to go back to the Reservation screen.

When the guest decides they would like to book the room, you can search for the quote by guest name or the quote number. From there, just select the button 'Book' to finalize the reservation.

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Using the 'New Reservation' Button

You can create a new reservation by selecting the 'New Reservation' button within innCenter. You can find this button in many places. For example, you can click on the reservations menu then reservations once again-You will notice the 'New Reservation' button is at the bottom.

You will then be taken to the 'Reservation Detail' screen where you can enter the guest information. You will need to click the "..." icon (next to the lock icon) to enter in the length of stay and what room the guest will be staying in.

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