Client info

This is where you can manage your account information, including Contact data, mailing and billing addresses and other attributes of your account.

Once you get to the "Client Details" page, you will see two tabs: "details" and "options."


This is the information that will be used by innRoad to contact the administration for the account. Regardless of how many properties exist in that specific account, there will only be one admin. page for each innRoad account as exemplified in the screenshot below.


Therefore, only users with administrative rights will have access to change this information. One of the most important pieces of information on this page is the "client code." The client code is important to note because users will need to know this every time that they sign into the property. Note that client code will not change, even if an account has several properties. See below where client code can be found:


Below this, you will see fields for "mailing information" and "billing information." This information is filled out based on the account administrator's information. You can check off the box "use mailing information" if both addresses are the same.