Check In & Out

Checking In a Guest

To check a guest in, open the reservation (eg, from the Tape Chart), and click the ‘Check-In’ button at the bottom of the screen. (Note: The button will not be active for future dates. That is, you can’t check a guest in that is due to arrive in the future. )

Depending on your property level setting you may see the ‘Room Assignment’ and ‘Payment Details’ screen.  The ‘Room Assignment’ screen will help you confirm the room to be “V and C” (which means vacant and clean. You can use this time as an opportunity to switch the guest to a different room or make any adjustments to the reservation. When you’re ready to proceede just click ‘Select.’

The ‘Payment Details’ screen appears after, and you can take the appropriate payment or authorization (depending on your properties’ policy’s) here and click ‘continue.’ You can also chose to ‘cancel’ payment and the system will ask if you still would like to continue checking in the guest with a remaining balance.

A copy of the Guest Reservation Form will appear in PDF format, which can be printed out.  You then have the option to either Confirm or Cancel the check-in by clicking on one of the buttons near the top of the Guest Reservation Form screen.  The reservation status will automatically change to “In-House”.  Confirmed check-ins are displayed on the Tape Chart in green.  

Checking Out a Guest

To check out a guest, click on the Check Out button.( Note: The button will only be available after a guest has been checked in.) If there is a balance remaining on the account, the Payment Details screen will appear.  If you cancel without entering a payment, the system will ask if you would like to continue to check the guest out without a payment.  After the payment has been entered (Also if there is no balance remaining, or if no payment is being made), a copy of the Guest Statement Form will appear in PDF format.  You then have the option to either Confirm or Cancel the check-out by clicking on one of the buttons near the top of the Guest Statement screen.  Confirmed check-outs are reflected by a reservation status of “Departed”, and are displayed on the Tape Chart in gray.
To add a payment to the guest Folio, click the ‘Pay’ button on the guest folio tab of an in-house reservation.  The popup window will let you add the type of payment and the amount.  .  When you have the details entered, click ‘add’, then click ‘continue’.  
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To add a credit card payment:

Using the same Pay button as you did in the above example, highlight the credit card vendor in the dropdown.

If the credit card on file (on the reservation) all the details will copy over into the payment screen.  If the guest wishes to use a different credit card, use the dropdown to specify which credit card and then use the little swipe icon  to swipe it.

When complete, click Add when ready to apply payment.  Then press Continue to exit back to the reservation.

From here you can print or email a copy of the guest folio for them.

Click Done when complete.

Cancellations & No Shows

To “Cancel” or “No Show” a reservation, you must first open the reservation on your screen.  On the top section of the reservation, you will see a dropdown list labeled ‘Reservation Status’.

To “Cancel” or “No Show” a reservation, change that status to ‘Cancelled’ or ‘No Show.’ Depending on property level settings, this may void applicable reservation charges and release the room back in to inventory.  If you made a mistake, the reservation can be re-instated by finding the reservation again (eg, using guest name or reservation numbers) and by clicking the little arrow that appears next to the ‘Cancelled’ status.


If your account is properly entitled, you can “Roll Back” reservations to make changes to the reservation status for departed and guests that are checked in. You can ‘Roll Back’ the reservation status by clicking the refresh icon next to the reservation status.