April 8, 2013

This release includes the following enhancements:

Time Zone

Now a Property Level Option
Up until now, time zones were a client level option in the Client Options Screen (Admin / Clients / Options), applying time values across all encompassed properties. Now, property time zones are configured Property Options (Set up / Properties / Options), configurable for each property within a single client ID. With the new configuration, all existing properties will update from the client level setting. So if all your properties are in the same time zone, you don’t have to change anything to reap the benefits of the new option.

Booking Engines and Time Zones
Tied into the new property level functions are new abilities for booking engines and kiosks. Individual and multi property booking engines can now allow same day bookings for the appropriate 24 hour period at the property level. So if one property is on MST and one property is on EST, now they will be able to have different cut off times for web bookings. Additionally, kiosks will now only allow for check-ins during the property’s time zone.

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Housekeeping Room Condition

Up until now, changing over occupied rooms from clean to dirty was a manual process in Housekeeping Status (Guest Services / Housekeeping). With the addition of property level time zones, users can now define a time within Property Set Up (Set up / Property) so that all occupied & clean rooms will change to occupied & dirty at the specified time. By default, this new option is set to ‘off,’ but client level administrators have the rights to turn it on.

Night Audit
There’s also new Housekeeping link in Night Audit. Clicking the link will allow users to manually set all occupied & clean rooms to dirty. The total number of rooms currently occupied and dirty is presented explicitly to the user. Upon clicking 'Set Now' a secondary confirmation will appear. 'Would you like to change X occupied clean rooms to dirty?' Clicking 'Yes' will update the room condition to dirty, readying occupied rooms for the housekeeping report the following day.

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New Tax Exemption Logic

The New Tax Exempt filter logic allows users to run reports specific to exempt or taxable revenue. The most important part of the change is that on the Ledger Balance Report the breakout of taxable and tax exempt revenue was previously triggered by the reservation level setting. Up to now, exempt revenue would show on the taxable report (and vice versa) if some items in a folio were taxable while others were exempt. The most relevant example is encountered in long stay reservations when the first 30 days are taxable and the rest are exempt. We have separated the revenue to exempt items, not reservations in general, to have audit proof reports.

Also, in that effort we created a couple other reports within the Reservation reporting that show period or total revenue for stay or booked on dates. The new reports separate the revenue into their relative exempt categories, while the prior reports always included the taxed revenue on the exempt reports. This will allow clients to see the total revenue generated by a set of reservations, or the revenue generated within set period of time from reservations that are in-house regardless of arrival/departure dates.

Two new reports will appear in the Reservations List Report (Reservations / Reservations / Print):

  • List Report with Total Revenue
  • List Report with Period Revenue

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