Action Buttons

These options appear at the bottom of most record detail screens throughout the system.


Clicking on ‘New’ allows you to set up a new item.


Clicking on ‘Save’ allows you to commit the data to the database without exiting the screen.


Clicking on ‘Done’ commits the data to the database and exits to the subsequent screen.


Clicking on Cancel will behave differently in the following two scenarios:

  • Existing Records: deletes the changes to the current record and refreshes the screen with the latest saved data.
  • New Records: aborts the new record and returns to the screen which initiated the new record.

Bulk Actions

On certain list screens, such as the Reservations List you can select a bulk action to perform at the bottom of the screen. Just select the reservations which you want the action performed on, then select the action you would like to perform (i.e. No Show, Check In, Cancel, Check-Out, or Add Night) and then click ‘Go.’