Setting up Corporate Accounts: (Profile)

  • Accounts
  • Accounts
  • Account Type (The Corporate/Member Accounts is the default)
  • Click New Account  at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter all mandatory fields indicated in red:

    • Account Name
    • Enter Account Number (0001 if not known)
    • Market Segment (if made mandatory during setup)
    • Referral  (if made mandatory during setup)
    • First/Last  Name
    • Phone
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Email Address (Optional)
    • Tax Exempt (Optional)
    • Tax Exempt ID # (Optional)
    • Bill Type (enter payment information, e.g. credit card, check, cash, etc.)
  • Check Use Mailing Information box, if mailing Information is the same as Billing Information.
  • For Credit Cards – enter card expiration date
  • Billing Notes – enter credit card CVV code
  • Click on Save

To Setup Charge Routing: (Direct Bill)

  • Click on Folio while in the “Account” tab, after completing the steps above.
  • Folio Options (this is located below the “Reservations” tab)
  • Move to Account Folio (under Charge Routing)
  • Select the appropriate routing options from the drop-down field:

    • Nothing (default)
    • All Items
    • Room Charges Only
  • Done

Linking Reservations to Corporate/Member Accounts (Direct Bill)
By linking the respective reservations to the Corporate/Member Account, the system can accurately track all bookings associated with the Account. Also, in case of direct billing, the system will seamlessly tabulate and transfer charges to the Master account as stipulated. You can link a reservation doing the following:

  • Please see section on how to make a reservation
  • Locate or complete a reservation booking
  • Click on the Guest Info tab
  • Scroll down to the Account field
  • Click on the Account Picker icon
  • Account Picker window opens
  • Search for the respective account by entering; Name, Account # or use the alphabet to narrow the search results.
  • Click on Go (the individual account will appear or a list of accounts,  if the alpha search is used)
  • Check the radio button next to the correct account
  • Click Select at the bottom of the screen
  • Copy Account data to the Reservations? (A small pop-up will appear)
  • Select OK if you would like to copy the account data to the reservation or Cancel if you would like to keep the guest profile data instead.
  • Click on Done

Corporate/Member Accounts (Reservations Tab)
 After Reservations are linked to the Corporate Account; they can be tracked and managed from the master account.

  • Click on the respective Account
  • Click on the Reservations tab
  • A list of reservations will be displayed that are connected to the master account
  • Reservations can be researched, sorted and printed from this section

Corporate/Member Accounts (Folio Tab)
 The Folio section is used to manage the Corporate/Member Account transactions. When charges are routed from individual Guest Folios, they will appear in this section of the account as a line item. Advance Deposit payments or payments for transactions are posted here to offset the account balance. (Please see section on Account Statements for more information).