Accounts: Within the Accounts section, you will find property tools to manage Corporate Accounts, Travel Agent Accounts, Unit Owner Accounts and House Accounts. The accounts section of the software provides an area to update corporate guest’s information, manage revenues and expenses generated from the accounts, and produce account statements.

Statements: In this section, you will have the ability to run various account statements such as, Travel Agent Commission, Corporate/Member Statements and Unit Owner Statements.

Unit Owner Items: This gives you the ability to setup Unit Owner expenses and revenues generated from the operation. This is mainly used for condominium or timeshare facilities.

Travel Agent Items: This feature gives you the ability to setup Travel Agent commission percentage amounts that will be distributed to the respective travel agents accounts.

Account Distributions: This feature will allow you to automatically distribute (post) payments to various accounts, such as travel agent and unit owners. This feature saves you the time from opening each account and posting payments, but instead will auto post to all accounts.