Account Distributions

Prepare and Running Account Statements:
Preparing and running Accounts Statements gives you the ability to prepare invoices, apply payments to accounts and distribute payments to accounts payable accounts. Statements can be generated for Corporate/Member Accounts, Travel Agent Accounts and Unit Owner Accounts.
Posting Items to Corporate/Member Account Statements (folio) prior to generating statements)

  • Accounts
  • Accounts
  • Select Corporate/Member Accounts from the Account Type  drop-down field
  • Click on Go
  • Select the respective Corporate/Member Account  you would like to adjust (or, search name or account #)
  • Click on the account name
  • Click the Folio tab
  • Select statement period you would like to adjust – (the Current Period is always set at default). For previous statement periods - Select from the drop-down field. (top right of screen)
  • Click on Add tab to add charges to the folio – A new line item field will open
  • Select the appropriate date (make sure the selected date is within the statement period you would like to post to)
  • Select Property
  • Category (Ledger Account items)
  • Description field will be auto filled
  • Enter the item charge amount
  • Click on the Commit tab
  • Save or Done (at bottom of screen) when all postings have been completed

Generating Corporate/Member Accounts Statements

  • Accounts
  • Statements
  •  Check Corporate/Member Accounts radio button
  • Select Property (to the right of the screen)
  • Check box Suppress $0 Statements  (optional) if you would like to eliminate blank statements
  • Select New Period from the Period Date drop-down box
  • Enter period “end date” from the calendar screen that pops up
  • Run Period (at the bottom of the screen)
  • A new window will appear containing  the newly generated statement
  • Print Statement for review (from Adobe Reader)
  • Select Continue Later – this will gives you the opportunity to save the statement in “pending “ mode while you review the accuracy of the statement
  • Select OK from the confirmation pop-up window
  • Statement will indicate “In-progress” or “Pending”

Distributions to Corporate/Member Account Statements
The Account Distribution features gives you the ability to automatically distribute (record) payments made or payments received, on an account. This process is normally performed immediately after running and reviewing the Corporate/Member Accounts Statements. To do this you would go to:

  • Accounts
  • Account Distributions
  • Check the radio button  next to Corporate/Member Accounts (from Account Type)
  • Select the statement period from the Period Date field (the statement normally shows as “Pending”)
  • Click on GO
  • The system will automatically distribute each amount with ending  balances = 0
  • Adjust Distribution Amount if the total receipts do not match the distribution amounts.
  • Click on Submit (at bottom of page)

You can also make manual distributions (record payments) to each individual Corporate/Member Account, by going to their individual master folios.
Closing Statements after Distribution
Once the distribution amounts are posted, it is usually a good time to finalize and close the statements.

  • Accounts
  • Statements
  • Select  the Corporate/Member Accounts radio button
  • Select the respective statement period  (this is normally indicated as “Pending “)
  • Select View Period (at the bottom of screen) – Statement window will appear
  • Click on the Confirm tab
  • Select OK when the message window pops up

The statement period will be closed and will not allow additional postings or corrections. These Statements can now be mailed to the respective organizations or companies.